Young living essential oils

Why I chose Young living essential oils

by Kay Hare

I was at that point where I was wanting to step up my beauty regime to catch the early signs of ageing around the eyes and mouth area. Like most people, I was curious about the miracle creams sold on the high street. One weekend there was a special promo offer on buy two get third half price. This well known Swiss skincare brand suggests using their cream for a week and your wrinkles will smooth out and dissolve but this is only after using all three products and spending about 700 euros. Miracle cream, it should be at this price, however, how long it lasts, maybe 6 weeks at the most then, of course, you have to invest in more and on and on it goes. 

When I buy something I like to feel inspired by the action, this was not inspiring me. I felt it was a chance if it worked, great, but then at the back of mind, something did not feel right. As I was reading reviews and suggestions about creams I picked up on Frankincense as being the natural ingredient that has, for centuries, has been used in skin care and is still being used as the base ingredient in leading high street brands. 

I had recently experienced a Young living workshop and remembered the host Mariane mentioning something about Frankincense. I delved further into google search engines picking up information. It made sense to invest in this oil and to experiment with carrier oils such as almond, argan and avocado to hit specific areas on my face or spots at specific times. My skin changes, sometimes it is quite dry especially in the winter with central heating and in summer sometimes with sun exposure it has dry patches. I realised that I can use Frankincense oil randomly with an array of carrier oils at less than half the price of high street brands, not just on my face but neck and body in general. I would also enjoy experimenting with the oils and I am the only one who really knows my skin. 

I ordered the Young Living starter pack and received a beautiful box with an array of oils and a diffuser within a few days. Everything was easy, within minutes I was diffusing an oil called Purify. My home suddenly became spa-like and I felt happy. The Frankincense oil works for me. I mix about 10-15 drops in an empty Young Living bottle and depending on my skin it will be apricot oil or I particularly like the classic almond oil. The Frankincense oil is pure and I know where it is from, how it is made and have full confidence in its quality. I love using it on my face and apply it now throughout the day if my skin feels like it needs nourishing. There are no real rules and part of the fun of using the oils is ‘going with the flow’ and seeing what works. If I feel like relaxing, I usually reach for lavender at night, (although lavender is good for oily skin) and put some drops in my bath or just around my neck before I sleep. If I need uplifting in the morning I will diffuse lemon and sometimes dab peppermint onto my hands and breathe in the aroma through my mouth which creates a feeling of having just cleaned your teeth. Peppermint is a great natural mouth wash and pick me up. 

There are also unique blends that Young Living has created such as ‘Joy’, ‘Peace and Calming’ and again these can mix with single oils if necessary. I love the fragrance of patchouli and mix this with a blend called ‘stress away’, continuously throughout the day dabbing it on my wrists, temples and behind my neck. 

Once you get into the standard, starter pack it opens up a whole world of smells for around the home and it doesn’t stop there. When I am working I love diffusing blends that help me focus and are uplifting. I can now see the benefits of essential oils at the office. Young living oils are pure and because they are straight from the plants and flowers, a process called ‘seed to seal’ they can be used in food. Unlike regular perfumes they are not overwhelming to other people, the smells are subtle and have an organic, deep lingering presence rather than a sudden perfume, it is more of an aroma, a second thought. 

Many vets use essential oils with stressed animals and farmers can use the oils on their workers which radiates peace and calming whilst working with more temperamental animals. This is another topic I may write about later. 

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