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Where to buy healthy food in Monte Carlo

A couple of weeks ago I shared some of my favourite recipes to get back on track after summer and as promised, today I am sharing the best addresses to buy produce in Monaco. We are really blessed to live in a region where we have access to so much high-quality food. There are a lot of things that can be said about the French but one thing I think they do extremely well is taking pride in their food. The French know that there is food and then there is great food and that the best quality foods take a little more time, money and patience to grow. If you look at French ads for food this comes across very clearly. The French love to emphasise the care that has gone into growing and preparing food and they are right too.

Eating higher quality food provides us with a higher quality of life. I love going to the market in La Condamine to buy my fruits, eggs & vegetables directly from the person that has produced it. Food is one of our most important resources and the quality of it can truly determine our health so being able to look the person who grows the food in the eye and hear what they have to say about it is really valuable. It gives a human connection to the food that you don’t get from buying it at the supermarket. Aside from that, local & seasonal foods tend to have more nutrients as they are not shipped from somewhere else. They also tend to have more flavour and are better for our health too. 

Below are my favourite addresses in Monaco:

Chez Romy

You will find their stall on the far right hand side under the arcades when you walk out of the covered market in La Condamine. I haven’t quite worked out if they are husband and wife but they are a great team and they always have the best fruits and vegetables of the whole market. They only sell food they produce themselves so the range isn’t always massive but you know that the quality will always be there and that you’ll always be getting fresh, local and seasonal food. Their eggs are also fantastic but you have to be there early to get your hands on all the good stuff as this place is popular among people “in the know”. 

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays from 7am to 1pm 

Solis Bio, La Condamine

This place does not seem to stop expanding and it doesn’t exactly come as a surprise as more and more people are waking up to the importance of eating organic food. This is generally where I get my dry goods from so seeds, nuts, beans, tahini & nut butter. It’s also where I’ll most often buy my almond milk, hazelnut milk and gomasio which is a seasoning I use as a substitute for salt. It’s actually toasted sesame seeds mixed with spices. It tastes delicious and contains lots of healthy minerals, protein & healthy fats. This place also has a good range of organic yoghurts, cheeses, meats and frozen foods. It’s where I get the frozen berries for my smoothies from. You’ll also find a great array of fresh fruits & vegetables, most of which are local and seasonal. Their kale is one of the best and so are their sweet potatoes!

Mondays to Saturdays: 9:30am- 7pm


With two stores in the principality, TO BE has a lot of funky products. It’s the only store in Monaco where I have found hemp seeds and their range of chocolates is very good as well. They take pride in selling seasonal products from local producers and have kind and helpful staff if you need help with finding anything! 

Marché U

The new store in Boulevard d´Italie has a good range of organic fruits & vegetables. I still don’t think they taste as good as what you can get from the market but it’s not a bad option!

Mondays to Saturdays 8:30am-7:30pm

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