A scenic flight over Fréjus with Pilot Morgane Jay 

by Kay Hare

I interview the young trainne pilots from Air League Monaco last year. This year I was invited to fly with Morgane and her instructor over Frejus and Lake St. Cassian. The lake covers an area of ​​420 hectares, bordered by several municipalities: Estérets-du-Lac, Les Adrets-de-l’Estérel, Tanneron, Montauroux, Callian. From the sky it is rocognised by its T-shape. The dam has a maximum length of 7 km. 

After some administration we set off from the Cannes Aviation Academy with instructor Romain Lherbet. The Acedemy has been providind integrated ATP(A) courses for 25 years and now in conformity with the PART FCL European standard. The whole course is in English as all flight control is English spoken. The Cannes Mandelieu Business Aviation airport offers unique facilities for the completion of flight training with two runways operating from English speaking control towers three hunderd and thirty days a year of good weather makes flights easy to schedule. Not to mention beautiful scenery and accessible to Nice Internation airport.

Anyone can learn to fly here at the school. It has qualified and skillled insturstors consisiting of six permenent flight instruttors 

Morgane seemed happy and very content to having a new passenger on board and assured them I was not the sea sick type. 





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