The paintings of Kay Hare

by Mirella Favory

In a world where everything is accelerating. Where the individual rushes, where the images leave time. An immersion in the artist’s painting is a breath, a light and gentle breeze towards a destination called Dream, and the mind’s beauty.

Kay Hare Adventure
Adventure, oil 10c gold leaf, natural gemstone diamonds on linen, 100 x 100cm diptych

To discover Kay’s paintings is to allow oneself to taste a world where the ideal is hardly a utopia. Its sweetness seduces us, we are greedy by its splendor, and its generosity gives us insatiable peace. We linger because it is beautiful and endless.

Kay leads us to explore a dream world but not just any; her work transports us to what the imagination covets. It is, at the same time, prosperous, harmonious, light, and unpretentious. The images shine with generosity and magnify gentleness.

Gentle oil, 10c natural gemstone diamonds on linen 100x 100cm 2018

As you look closely at the paintings, an invitation is felt in a world where the essence of life takes root. The artist’s brushes flutter in her paintings. Vivid colors take you on a spiritual quest, an adventure deep in innocence and obedience without exaggeration. Everything is weighed with delicacy and ends with sublimity and silence.

Could the artist draw inspiration from her Faith? Her quest for a world where harmony would allow people to unite whatever their roots? Real osmosis is woven into her work, a rainbow, hoping for an ideal world where the weather is good. Good in what the works convey and right on the olfactory level because Kay incorporates essential oils of a noble quality in her oil paintings, adding to the message of authenticity and uniqueness of nature.

Kay Hare
White Angelica, oil, 10k gold leaf, 10c natural gemstone diamonds 100x 100cm 2020

During this scintillating journey, you will meet themes of joy, adventure, Faith, and so many others. In this undoubtedly great sphere of benevolence that is absorbed, you will gently unwind and let yourself be sucked into a world where you want to nest.

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