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A success story with

Emmanuelle Castellano

by Kay Hare

Bikram yoga works on a series of postures in a hot room. The roots of Bikram are from India where it is usually hot when practising yoga. The name Bikram devives from its creator Bikram Choudhury. Bikram brought this hot style of yoga to the states in the early 1970s where celebrities such as Jane Fonda supported and embraced the practice. It is termed practice as one is continually learning from yoga. It is non-competitive, everyone has a different physical shape and energy and we are all at different stages of evolving so one is always practising. Bikram was keen to embellish the scientific aspect of the sequence by establishing a Bikram -certified teacher training course. This twelve-week course is held in the states and more recently in Mexico where the student learns a strict dialogue encouraging the knowledge and benefits of the effects of each posture. This is important as it not only explains the medical benefits but motivates the student to perfect the posture to obtain results. For example, the class starts with a standing series; one of the first postures expects the student to hold their arms up above their head and as straight as possible. This encourages the spine to stretch, align and to encourage fresh blood to circulate around the whole body. The second part of the practice is the lying down series. This starts with ‘Wind removing pose’ it is a simple but effective posture, focusing on the spine, promoting straightness and correct alignment. By this point, the body has warmed up sufficiently to be completely safe to expand just a little bit more than you would in a non heated space. The combination of the heat and by the pressure of lying on the back provides an internal massage for the spine and hips. This is encouraging the body weight to define and regulate the correct pressure for the joints, By releasing and contracting actions this circulates and flushes newly oxygenated blood around the joints improving flexibility and healing. Each posture has its own medical benefits, combine this with a community of like-minded individuals who understand and enjoy their bodies feeling and looking good without a competitive atmosphere or attitude it is a safe and fun way to exercise. 

There is now a new studio in the port of Nice that only works with certified teachers and guarantees a practice that is inspiring it also offers a myriad of health benefits, both physical and emotional. I interviewed Emmanuelle who is the owner of the new and sparkling studio in Nice. 

What is Bikram Yoga and why is it different?

The Bikram Yoga method is a series of 26 Hatha postures and 2 deep breathing exercises performed in a 40° room. This sequence has been scientifically developed to allow a complete workout of the entire body. The Bikram Yoga beginners’ series is challenging but accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities. There is no performance, we are all different! Everybody is going to challenge himself, improving at his own pace according to his body limits.

Why have you set up a Bikram Yoga school in Nice? / How long have you practised Bikram Yoga?

I practice Bikram Yoga for more than 10 years and I couldn’t imagine living in a city without a true Bikram Yoga Center.

How long has it taken you set it up from the initial dream to teach now in your own studio?

It has taken almost 5 years to see my dream coming true. The main difficulty was to find the right place (large enough with a nice luminosity).

Can you do the Bikram Yoga postures without the heat?

Yes, absolutely! However, the heat is a good ally. Combined to the postures, the heat helps the body to stretch more carefully and also helps to detox deeper. 

How often should you practice Bikram Yoga?

The more often is the better. Nevertheless, practising 3 times a week is a good frequency. This way, you’ll be able to feel the benefits and see the results on your body and mind very quickly.

bikram yoga nice

What are the future plans? Where do you see the Yoga school in 3 years?

Bikram Yoga teaches me to be, to live and to enjoy the present moment.

There is now an introductory offer of 30 euros for 1 month

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