Another meeting at the Metropole hotel and my client is late, but I have no problem with this as I order tea and admire the new installation by Miss Rose. Another completely different offering of, I was going to suggest ‘flower display’ but it is much more than that.

Everything has become green. Not any kind of green, but the mossy forest green that you want to breathe.  The gigantic, silky oriental rug has changed to compliment the green two tone velvet chairs, (the velvet that leaves a trace of your finger like a lawn mower on a freshly cut lawn) the fluffed and puffed-up leafy green cushions that adorn the soft green sofa.  I feel at home and quite comfortable sipping green tea which blends in perfectly.

This installation is warm, fresh and encapsulates the Metropole’s ongoing commitment to being an environmentally friendly hotel. They are celebrating 10 years of understanding, respecting and maintaining a ‘Green Attitude’. A holistic approach has been embraced and adopted for the whole hotel. 

Miss Rose is the florist who is responsible each month for the hotel designs. The main feature within the hotel lobby is the masterpiece and sets the tone for the 3 month display.

This installation is to be featured until the 20th November and is worth seeing. Dozens of perspex box’s have been stacked up on top of each other to form a pyramid. Within each box is a variety of natural products museum arranged.

Cinnamon sticks, clover and honey are poised in boxes. Seeds, fruits and dried flowers have been delicately chosen, all reflecting and preserving our connection with food. Bamboo sticks and branches reminded me of reeds rustling in water and the cotton flowers bring the humbleness of nature. It is a ‘clever’ display. Some of these boxes brought memories of lazy summer days in wheat fields and buttercup meadows, it is quite surreal.

I think being ‘green’ or at least trying to convey an environmentally aware attitude is difficult especially when combining art and luxury. The ‘Green’ message can be seen as boring and images of saving dolphins and muddy Barber wellies come to mind, however installations like this work. It is interesting and brings to life the delicacy of herbs and wildflowers.

As well as the beautiful lobby, the hotel is complimenting the 10th Anniversary with a ‘Green Attitude’  menu to include special cocktails of vodka, basil and ginger. And, green, mint, pistachio chocolates. And, if you do book a room, a bespoke wooden mobile phone case is being gifted as a souvenir . Last but not least the music in the background is by Beatrice Ardisson, the sounds of nature.


For more information:


4, avenue de la Madone | BP 19 | MC 98007 Monaco 

Tél:+377 93 15 15 15

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