Yaz Bukey


by Kay Hare

When artists get involved there is an energy that denies commercialism. I am often asked what is the difference between illustration and art ? Art radiates a positive air of integrity, confidence and at the same time a humbleness that is derived from intuition and inspiration. Art comes from the imagination, illustration comes from an idea that has been projected and filtered in order to explain something. It is like the difference between intelligence and cleverness; to be intelligent is to have a wise, spontaneous and consistent frame of mind, to be clever is to have purposely thought something through, pre-meditated and analysed the situation. Bukey`s work stems directly from her imagination, from her childhood, from her imaginary world. The work is real and yet at the same time a make believe dream.

From June 12th until September 15th, the famous Pop designer Yaz Bukey, a member of the Turkish royal family, has turned her attention to the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo and created a Monégasque version of her Garden of Eden.

the art of yaw buckeye
As soon as you step inside the hotel, you will plunge into the new world of “Metropoleden”, an imaginary island, exotic and very private, making all your dreams of nature and escapism come true. In the Salon des Princes and Lobby Bar, the most beautiful exotic flowers and tropical plants, half-baobab, half-palm, blend together in a dazzling ballet of trompe-l’oeil in perspex, the designer’s favourite material.

yaz bükey

The daughter of a Turkish diplomat and an Egyptologist mother, artist Yaz Bukey, whose name means “Princess of Summer” in Crimean, has reproduced her most wonderful memories of holidays in Monaco in her childhood. She spent hours giving free rein to her imagination in the Principality’s lush Exotic Gardens, enjoying wonderful moments of well-being. One of the greatest stars who also adored these Gardens was the iconic Audrey Hepburn. Yaz Bukey then introduces her image of total femininity into the decor: the enchanting jungle becomes an ode to glamour. Here, one discovers a delicate hand holding a glass of champagne, or ultra-stylish sunglasses for a never-ending summer. Beautiful, radiant, synonymous with the magic of living, the image of “Metropoleden” becomes a muse and ambassador, whisking you away to its fairytale dreamworld.

the art of yaw buckeye

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