Cesare Catania

“The Art of the Informal”

Cesare Catania inaugurates his personal exhibition in Monte Carlo

The Italian artist Cesare Catania keeps getting resounding success and, in September, he chooses the Principality of Monaco to hold his next art exhibition.

On Thursday 27th September 2018, the artist shall inaugurate his own personal exhibition in the elegant exhibition areas of hotel Le Meridien Beach Plaza, during the period of the Monte Carlo Boat Show, one of the most prominent events of the Principality.

Since newspaper and television journalists as well as VIPs will attend, the cultural and artistic event certainly acquires a fashionable character, not only because of the chosen location’s standing, but especially because of the exclusive list of 150 guests.  Cristiano Gallo, Ambassador of Italy in the Principality of Monaco, will also be present.

The exhibition, entitled “The Art of the Informal”, is a transversal retrospective across fifteen or so works by the master Cesare Catania. His inspirations and artistic technique meet to give life to works of art in which painting and sculpture merge together.

Among other works included in the exhibition, there will be sculptures like “The Man who Does Not See”, “The Mouth of Etna” and “The Heart of the Earth”, as well as many other paintings and sculptures.

The exhibition will be launched privately on Thursday 27th September 2018 at 5pm, at hotel Le Meridien Beach Plaza, and it will then remain open to the public until 15th January 2019.


Cesare Catania ART

ingenuity works – paintings – sculptures

Art Gallery: Via Del Progresso 18 – 20125 – Milan (IT)

web: www.cesarecatania.eu

mail: press@cesarecatania.euThe 

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