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Why Young Living Essential Oils are helping to change the world

I met Marianne in Monte Carlo for a Success Story but my curiosity about her online business of essential oils. I had no idea of the importance and significance that these little bottles of oils hold for our healthier futures. 

I love essential oils, but I have to confess guilty of buying the cheap products found in our chemists. Like many other things, it is quality, quality, quality. The manufacture and growing conditions are of the utmost importance when choosing essential oils. Marianne explained that there is much more to a bottle of essential oil than meets the eye. Firstly, yes most of them smell great and finding your favourite is fun. However, these oils penetrate our nervous system and go straight to the brain. They are sold as little bottles with a drip/ dropper mechanism for a reason, to use sparingly. 


Essential oils have been referenced and placed in high regard in the bible and throughout history both for cosmetic comfort, medicinal purposes and ceremonial worships. Marianne radiates happiness and smells fantastic. When we met she was wearing a perfume concoction of peppermint and oranges, and this fragrance was delicately lingering enough for my senses to be uplifted. Peppermint is a natural mood enhancer and stimulates energy and motivation. Marianne explained that essential oil uses have been documented back to 1,000 B.C. and have been found in several Egyptian pyramids; however, their importance is today underestimated. We use them occasionally without much education, relying more on the counter remedies. Young Living essential oils and the related health products have been on the market for 24 years and continue to adapt and grow. 

Talking with Marianne made me realise their potential in the yachting industry. The business evolved with Marianne’s husband who used to work as a Captain on yachts. Spending endless hours polishing and cleaning boats made him realise the harsh and abusive cleaning materials the industry were and still are working with. These chemical products were affecting not only his skin but the air the whole crew were breathing and not to mention the lingering effects of the products polluting the sea and the atmosphere in general. 

“Coincidentally I had just started using Young Living essential oils, and the essential oil infused Thieves household cleaners around our home that had been sent to us from a relative in the states. My husband and I  quickly moved these products on board to replace the chemical cleaners with healthy alternatives and air fresheners through a diffuser. This not only made the yachts smell fantastic it embraced a whole new attitude onboard”.  It was the perfect solution; they had the same potency for cleaning, smelt better and were non-abrasive. I was also looking for a new business venture, and the idea of promoting Young Living essential oils seemed necessary, exciting, and I have never looked back. Young Living offers the chance for representatives to promote essential oils and the products, as well as visiting the farms that grow the herbs. It is part of the training to understand the process, which we term and like to call it ‘Seed to seal’. Apart from offering a variety of essential oils and the infused products like the described household cleaner Young Living also has a unique range of personal care and beauty products, nutrition supplements, toxin-free baby products and natural make up. All these products can be distributed and shared with the opportunity to build a business as a Young Living representative. 

Essential oils are natural plant extractions. However, they are powerful and easily absorbed by our bodies through inhaling and topical application which emphasises the importance of quality. Most of the time intuition plays a major role; opening a bottle of oil and smelling the perfume of the plant is enough to judge how much to use. However, there are more resources and information available today on how to support various conditions. You can also find more scientific and evidence and studies about the effectiveness and safety when using essential oils. Marianne explained that it is refreshing to know that we always have a choice to care for our health naturally daily. If we have a headache or a pain, we reach for the medical cupboard instead of looking within and listening to what our bodies are telling us. Essential oils invite a natural approach to support our bodies in their healthy functions and versatile in their uses. 

For example, Lavender is the classic and safe oil to use directly on the skin (again, depending on quality).  Its smells fresh and most people like the smell. It is a powerful calming oil that can encourage sleep and relaxation and it is a good beginners oil. It also helps to enhance the healthy appearance of our skin. However not all oils can be used directly on the skin: if in doubt, always use a vegetable oil like coconut to dilute.

There are three main ways to use essential oils:

Inhalation, for example, can relieve stress immediately which is why the oils have to be good quality from seed to production. The aroma produced goes straight to the brain and can affect the mood within minutes encouraging creativity, motivation and clarification.

Secondly, topically. They are usually diluted with a carrier oil such as vegetable, almond or coconut oil.  It is best to skin test the oils and experiment with proportions. Start with less, and you can always add later.  We all tend to be different (size, age, condition etc.) so the amount of essential oil used will vary.

The third way of using is taking the oils internally. While in some countries this method is frowned upon, it has been used successfully in France for decades. The Young living oils with white labels identify and are officially declared as food supplements and the oils that can be diluted with water as a drink and taken internally. 

However, the emphasis with all essential oils is the awareness of one’s own body and the power of intuition and good education through books, classes and studies. The body knows what it needs to recover or to maintain optimum health. The body will also, if allowed, guide you to the oil that is best suited to it at different times. 

Using natural products around the home is important to our moods, creativity and wellbeing. Many solvents contain poison and if you read the labels on cleaning products found in the supermarkets you probably have no idea what all the numbers and letters mean. The effects of these products may not be immediate, but they are affecting us physically and mentally. If you would like to read more on this, we suggest ‘Fearless Confidence with essential oils in 2 hours’ by Sarah Harnisch. The Thieves essential oils household products are gentle and effective to use around the home. It takes time to change people habits but using natural products can transform your life. Our homes reflect us, and if we are aware of using beautiful, natural products, we are radiating beauty and well being in our actions and lifestyles. Young Living essential oils are not only for us humans but for our pets as well. Our animals are also an extension of ourselves.  Feeding them and caring for them is again a reflection of ourselves.

Marianne regularly holds workshops from her home in the South of France.

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 For more information on how to order or to become a representative please contact:

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