Stephane Blanchard

Stephane Blanchard

Exhibition of paintings Eze Village

1-15 September 2018

By Kay Hare

I have known Stephane personally for many years now and I have seen his work gradually develop to its form today. The paintings unlike my own have changed very little, but they have changed. They have become stronger, more pronounced and definite. I guess as a person matures so does their work, perhaps not immediately obvious in some artists work. Although abstract and as he explains below seeped in technique for me they tell a story. Stephane’s style is bold and again unlike me he gives little away, which leaves it all up to the viewer to make his own decisions and form his own story around the work.  He consumes strong, primarily colours with a very distinct line.  I have exhibited with Stephane previously as our work is so different in colour and style that they compliment each other. Owning a Blanchard painting is a strong and immediate ‘a ha’ moment as his paintings are easily recognisable even though they have changed over the years. Stephane lives and work in Nice, France where I asked him more about his work and this was his response. 

The abstract for Stéphane Blanchard is a continuous path of research. The technique of hyperrealism becomes a metaphor for escape to forms that are both light and compact, harmonious and penetrating, placed on a basic material that seems to come out of the earth itself. This stratified search for volumes that are absorbed on top of one another and of forms that, even if contrasted, harmonize, is the central core of the artist’s work.Light comes from afar, from hypersensitivity to color, to its intimate knowledge, like a second skin that envelops it.A meticulous work, a natural crescendo that starts from raw, even cruel notes, to those almost imperceptible of a reflected dawn where the rays of the sun filter through a thousand cracks, created a play of shadows and lights that change according to the rhythm of the day . This is the concept of temporal materialization.


The next exhibition Eze village du 1 au 15 septembre

Galerie municipale Eze Village
Rue de la Paix dans le vieux village
06360 Èze

For more information please contact the artist:

Stéphane Blanchard

+ 33 6 99 12 50 50


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