Spa Metropole by Givenchy

The Real Riviera Visits The Metropole Hotel 


The Spa Metropole by Givenchy

The Metropole is a privately owned hotel in the heart of Monte Carlo. I am not alone in believing it is luxurious space for a cocktail with friends, quiet meetings or just your thoughts and a pot of green tea. 

Monaco has a string of Five Star hotels, each one being quite unique. As I live here I rarely get chance to stay in these beautiful hotels but If I did this would be my first choice. 

Spa Metropole Monte Carlo

Shalini Kochhar and I visited the hotel to explore their facilities and find out what makes the magic and charm of this hotel so successful. After a meeting with the Press Director Laurence Shukor and her Assistant Xavier Bourgeat we learned, firstly it is the staff that makes a great hotel and their service is a priority. 

We sat in the elegant lounge area of the hotel amongst pink floating flowers that were suspended from the ceiling. The Florist, Miss Rose creates flower arrangements which can only be described as art. Every three months this display changes, each time deserves recognition. The displays set the tone for the atmosphere which always seem to have a theatrical mood, partly due to the Florist having a background in theatre design. The Metropole is majestic and comfortable and with the twist of the imagination from Miss Rose, it always surprises and invites a new experience to each visit. The icing on the cake is the fragrance in this hotel that reminds me of cosy, warm nights with a hint of sweet summer fields. 

Spa Metropole by Givenchy

On this occasion Shalini and I are invited to the Spa. Recently refurbished by Architect and Designer Didier Gomez the Spa is spilling with luxury and opulence. Exclusive to the Spa Givenchy compliments the services with unique signature perfumes and treatments. Givenchy are their exclusive partners. As soon as I arrive I feel special. The Spa Metropole makes me feel I need a change, the feeling of ‘being worth it’ springs to mind. 

The Spa Metropole by Givenchy is contemporary, sleek yet has a timeless elegance that takes you to another world. The Spar is encouraging you to take off your watch, trust that the time will look after itself and leave the hussle and bustle outside. Not to forget whats going on, but to gently gather your thoughts and rearrange. The atmosphere is yin and yang and a sense of clarity and order resonates.

The Spa Metropole Givenchy
SPA Givenchy Hôtel Metrople Monaco le 14 avril 2017

 The treatments are extensive. There are a team of smiling, friendly assistants on hand to your every need, all day can effortlessly be spent here. There are weekend packages, day packages and then the hourly or 90 minute massages, facials, pedicures and more. 

Travelling back and to from Indian, London and Monaco, Shalini particularly liked the idea of the Anti-jet Lag Interlude with the steam room. The steam room being newly refurbished is fantastic and again smells heaven on earth. Towels are lined up, water is trickling somewhere in the background and leather armchairs wait in the rest room for a quiet read or a place to close your eyes and to dream. You will find Shalini and I here if you need us!

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