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by Kay Hare

With 1300sq.m. of living space /Land of over 6 hectares constituted of a park, meadows and oak and pine wood. Vast terrace to the South of the residence, several ponds and magnificent views; this is one of those rare fairy tale properties that has caught my attention.

I don’t normally write about properties I have never seen but this took an exception. This property is not about the price  (currently valued at 3, 400 000 euros) or even having to reach out to hundreds of buyers, for me the property has its own history and will naturally create its own future attracting the right people, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Its has a sweet and cosy remoteness, yet it is not too far from Marseille, and of course if you have a helicopter it is  the perfect opportunity to create your dream home. Having a majestic background of owners the interior resonates with  a soft, faded opulence that could very easily be brought back to life.

One of the photographs shows the property being bordered off by a stone wall, which highlights the boundary but also the friendly aura of the estate.  The stone walls bring to mind a caring artesian, who probably with a few others was employed to place, by hand, each stone to create a wall. A wall not so much for intruders but to define the borders in estate terms, to keep cattle out and probably animals or family in. I think to renovate one would have to respect the original features, keeping to simple, old fashioned security measures, emitting any aggressive fencing to avoid changing the pretty character. It would not be too daring to have a sense of faith that the property is alive with its own intuition and silent ways to protect itself and the people who choose to live there.

There is a gentle stream or perhaps it is more of a river flowing past the house which adds to the peacefulness. Dotted around the property are remnants of stone outhouses which give it an almost fortress feel. Chestnut trees line the drive and rolling hills provide a backdrop of enchanted forests, full of wildlife and shrubs that would provide a writer with enough stories to fill a library.

Of course the main entrance to the house has the front door right in the middle with stone steps inviting you in. The house itself is full of windows, bringing in light. It would be heaven on earth for artists to work and live in a property like this, but then any profession would certainly be lucky and inspired spending time here. The ceilings are high and the original tiled floor is in good condition as are the wall panels which are all pieces of art in their own right.

This property as Emile Garcin describe is one of the ‘last pearls in Provence’ and worthy of owners that will love it. Home is where the heart is and this property immediately spills out warmth and love and I’m sure the right owners will find it.

For more information please contact :

 David Stanley



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