Simiande la Rotonde


by Kay Hare

Having just come back from Simande la Rotonde has made me realize so many more things about the power of essential oils and the opportunities they hold not just to make you feel better but also to create uplifting atmospheres and extend your circle of friends.

I was invited to attend the weekend visit to some of Young living lavender farms in Simiande La Rotonde, Provence area of France. The farms grow authentic lavender and have been doing so for 25 years. I met the local farmers who were busy harvesting the lavender and showed us around the distillery and watched the process.

There are many different types of lavender that can be identified by their shape and color. We were shown how the lavender varies grow and which lavender is the noncultivated and natural species. 

Lavender is a popular essential oil because of its versatility, it is fairly easy to grow and harvest making it one of the more reasonably priced oils. The main use for lavender is its smell, the aroma lavender creates is soothing, and relaxing. It is a fantastic base for cleaning products and has natural antiseptic qualities.  Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil has a scent that is used again as the base for many perfumes, soaps, and cosmetic products. 

Lavender is a good started oil for beginners and has many uses especially in the home and diffusing the oil creates a soothing, calming atmosphere as well as bring a fresh, dynamic aroma to any room. If I worked in an office the first thing I would suggest would be to invest in a dewdrop diffuser and have it going all day, perhaps changing the oil daily with different types. If I was an estate agent I would be taking my dewdrop diffuser with me 10 mins early to place somewhere and diffuse purification or lavender for a fresh uplifting aroma, that is authentic and toxic free for clients. This is important as some clients may have respiratory issues or asthma or just allergic reactions to perfumes. It is important that the oil you are diffusing is natural to avoid any reactions. 

Lavender is also a good antiseptic oil for example over the weekend I was stung by a bee on my face, normally rushing to the chemist to buy chemical-based sting relief I was lucky to have some lavender at hand and a blend of essential oil called ‘purification’ that I liberally applied directly to the area and within minutes the swelling had gone down and the pain dissolved. 

Young Living pride themselves on their ‘seed to seal’ process which guarantees the authenticity of the product from the seed, soil and growing process that was first influenced by the French farmers from the region. Gary Young the founder of Young living first visited the farms 25 years ago to find out more about the distillery process and how to create the best essential oils for household use. To this day the farmers are second and third generation working for and alongside Young living farms. 

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