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 Danjou Pascal

depuis 2018

A new innovative product has just launched on the market for the face. The elixir is a natural product inspired by the French countryside and plants. The elixir has serum like properties and is silky and smoothe to apply. It is a brand new product which is still going through the branding and marketing stages. Laurence Darqué and Pascal Danjou are the creators behind the idea which they see as not only a beauty regime but a whole experience to wellbeing. 

pascal danjou

What inspired you to create this serum ?

I have been friends with Laurence my business partner since 1994. We both share a passionate interest for plants and the properties they hold. We both particularly resonated with many of the plants but there is one in particular that dominates the elixir. This is the secret.

It became a challenge to find the right balancing mixtures and like alchemists we concocted different strengths until we found Elixir Originel. 

How long did it take to create, did you have a business plan or was it an organic process?

It took about one year of trying and testing with the inspiration and our passion of natural products being used for health and beauty. We were pushed to create and realize this serum, but it was not a commercial pressure or even a business plan that was dictating deadlines, it was more mutual intent and our intuitions guiding us.

What is it composed of? What are the ingredients?

Ingredients are premium quality of vegetable oils, essential oil and an addition of  vitamin-e.

Where are the ingredients sourced

They are from different organic sources.

Can anyone use it?

Yes, except pregnant woman and children under 3 years (because of essential oil).

Has it been approved to sell / retail ?

Yes, we worked with a French laboratory , for cosmetics there are some standards and tests and our laboratory did them conscientiously.All were approved.

What are the benefits of using the elixir?

There are two benefits to the Elixir Originel.It is a new product and concept that works not only topically but also as an experience. It is penetrating the skin from the outside giving deep hydration that with one application is long lasting. The skin will visibly look younger, healthier, more energetic and stronger. It also has an impact on ones well being, you feel more serene and confident. The plant essences contained in the serum provide gentle uplifting messages that also raise ones moods.

How soon will we see the benefits of using this serum?

It depends on the person, for most of them it’s quickly and for other it takes a few days. It is not a off the shelf, supermarket product, it is more subtle with the energies of nature that resonate differently to each person. It can be massaged into the skin thought the day if necessary. 

What is the difference between this and other serums on the market?

Elixir Originel is a natural serum, made in France with only vegetable oils, essential oil, and vitamin-e. The biggest innovation is the perfect harmony between the health of the skin on the face and inner peace. It holds calming properties that will soothe and heal not only the skin but the emotions also. 

Can we buy this online?

We have an e-mail address to contact us for ordering.

What are your future plans for the product, do you see it as a brand?

We are focused on Elixir Originel for the moment but we do intend to extend the range listening and being guided by our clients needs and suggestions. 

Email: elixiroriginel@monaco.mc

Telephone: +33 06 07 02 12 36

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