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Trade your cleverness for bewilderment! Said Paulo Coelho and this has stayed with me. Every person that has come into my life has taught me something and inspired me in some way or the other. That’s Where the book “Shalini says Women on Top..of their Game” came about. I wanted to put together the stories and journeys of all these interesting inspirational women and get them all connected to grow through interdependence. 

What gave you the idea and the inspiration to follow through and publish the book ‘Women on Top’

ShaliniSays Women on Top of their Game is a coffee table book of inspiring stories of 100 women entrepreneurs from all walks of life

Are you still promoting the book or has it evolved into something more?

I am now working on a Global edition of the book which is another stimulating experience. It has evolved into a dream now to “Make a Difference” -to enable and empower women all over the world. It’s a tribe of go-getters and go-givers that have now joined hands with me and together we will drive the change. 

 What did the book ‘Women on Top ‘ teach you the most?

If you could have done something different what would it have been? My biggest learning has been “She believed she could so she did!!”… And also the fact that strong women who are comfortable in their skin support other women and together they build an empire and let me tell you we will leave behind a legacy. The only thing I would have done differently is started sooner. 

You mentioned you were working with a film company is this also connected to the book?

The film is called “Emily” being made by An award-winning director called Aashish Chanana. I am the voice of Emily working towards creating awareness on sex trafficking. So yes it is all a part of the same cause of enabling and empowering women and making it a safe haven for them with equal opportunity! 

What are your future plans in the next few years?

Have you heard that one about Alexa..Someone asked Alexa what women want and Alexa went on for 3 days… You will need a whole new website if I told you about my future plans… Yes there’s a Dream There’s a Vision and there’s a legacy to leave behind. The aim is to make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that is ongoing and I think I am letting my work do the talking. But yes right away on the agenda coming up is the “Women on Top” awards which will Felicitate women making a difference in all walks of life because I believe that a little bit of recognition and appreciation is like an aphrodisiac… To keep going! So for them and for me… Keep going we didn’t come this far to only come to this far. Stay the woman on top of it! 

Where can we buy the book?

The global edition of the book will be available soon. 

For further information contact:

[email protected]



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