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Sabrina Monte Carlo

Interior Design

I was invited to the tea party for the opening of two new boutiques, Sabrina Monte Carlo which specialises in interior design to include fine tableware and Lalique, which Sabrina recently acquired. The shops are entwined in an open plan design on the Bond Street of Monte Carlo, Boulevard des Moulins.

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Sabrina is a local to Monte Carlo and became interested in design and furniture from an early age. Twenty years ago Sabrina had an issue with her bland outdoor furniture. Realising she had the imagination and motivation to find beautiful sustainable exterior tables and chairs encouraging a stunning and homely atmosphere outdoors her vision for the future took root. Sabrina became known for interesting, different effects for gardens and exteriors. Having a good eye for quality, timescales and realistic budgets this quickly expanded her business into interiors. Word spread and Sabrina is now the leading interior designer for yachts and property in Monte Carlo and the Cote d’Azur. With four boutiques in Monte Carlo and one in St Jean Cap Ferrat something is working, exceptionally well. I took tea and handmade biscuits laced with icing and met Michele Flandin, the Marketing Manager who explained a little more about the store’s success.

All the staff and the ethos of the company is to find solutions. It is a family run business with Sabrina’s daughters and her sister being part of the structure. All the boutiques are furnished in an uncluttered, clear Sabrina like style. With a large array of brands, it would be difficult not to find what you are looking for, but then so much choice can be daunting. Therefore, having an intelligent shop layout is essential to easily lead the clients with no fuss to select. The well-known brands such as Baccarat, Christofle, Daum, Ercuis, Haviland, Hermes, Lalique, Puiforcat, Robbe & Berking are available as well as many more.

The 70m Superyacht, Galactica Super Nova has been furnished in an elegant, and warm theme. The interior is poised and cosy encouraging a ‘feel at home’ style, while at the same time being able to accommodate 12 guests to a formal standard. Some of these brands and products decorate the ‘Wine Palace’ housed under the Monte Carlo Yacht Club.

Sabrina not only has a flair for interiors she also has a quiet and shrewd understanding of business. With nearly 30 staff to manage, HNW clients, liaising with Architects, designers and builders she is quite unique. I set out with some more questions about her vision and inspiration.

What is the Secret to a ‘Great Yacht Interior’, and what is essential to the creation of a distinctive interior across a range of different types of boats (contemporary, sailing, expedition etc)?

Some clients know exactly what they want, which makes it a lot easier for us to put the project together but takes the fun and creativeness slightly away. Some other clients give us a complete ‘carte blanche’ which is very exciting but is also a real challenge to make sure we understood the clients’ wishes and to submit the correct proposal.

I think what is essential is to define the clients’ way of living and the colour palette that suits them best. With these two elements, we can deliver the right decoration proposal and we are generally always extremely close to the client’s tastes and requirements. Culture, age, family status often determine the style. If it is a family yacht, there will instinctively be less glass and sharp furniture pieces than in any other yacht. If the owners like to party, the large decks will be furnished with lots of loose furniture. In any case, we always advise and bring our expertise, be it in the different available materials, colours textures, the art of mixing, the latest tendencies and last but not least, technical issues. For instance, onboard yachts or jets, due to strict regulations and salty, humid atmosphere, some standard materials can definitely not be used.

I have worked on more than 100 yachts so far. All projects are interesting and they offer us constant challenges which we very much like to take up ! says Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino.

Everything onboard a yacht needs to be well thought in advance. For example, loose furniture has to remain immobile whilst the yacht cruises through heavy weather. Many other factors need to be taken into consideration for the decoration process; fabrics have to be fireproof, the indoor and outdoor areas’ colours have to match to create an extended feeling of living space; the arrangement of the carpet and furniture can make the space look wider or, on the contrary, minimize it if the carpet is wrongly positioned. In the end, the decoration onboard yachts is a matter of personal taste of the owners.

Where do you see the Sabrina brand going in the next few years? / What are your hopes for the brand?

Sabrina Monte-Carlo “art de la table” moved from 38 to 42 Boulevard des Moulins and expanded by opening a LALIQUE boutique at the same address. In these vast and sumptuous boutiques, you will be able to admire the “art de la table” universe as well as lighting, decorative panels, vases, … The latest collections of Hermès, Puiforcat, St Louis, Haviland, Daum, Raynaud, Ercuis, Christofle, Baccarat, Robbe&Berking, Lalique – as well as many other prestigious brands – are visible and available exclusively in these shops. Due to our continued success and expansion, we are extremely excited about our two new boutiques. The move is in conjunction with the growing needs of our customers and the increasing number of projects we deal with. I am flattered that LALIQUE has placed their trust in us and has given us the exclusivity to represent them in the Principality. However, all I wish is to expand in business but not in company size. I consider my team as my second family and by growing too much, I will probably lose the close contact I have with all of them, which is not want I want. Quality but not quantity.

For more information please contact:


Marketing Manager

T: +377 97 97 57 60

M: +33 6 40 61 96 95

All photographs courtesy of  ©Yvan GRUBSKI

MONTE-CARLO – LE BAHIA 39, Av. Princesse Grace – T +377 97 97 57 60

MONTE-CARLO ARTS DE LA TABLE 42, Bd des Moulins – T +377 97 70 44 97

MONTE-CARLO – WINE PALACE Yacht Club de Monaco – T +377 97 77 05 05

LALIQUE MONTE-CARLO 42, Bd des Moulins – T +377 93 25 20 20

ST-JEAN-CAP-FERRAT – Port de Plaisance – T +33 (0)4 93 55 53 81

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