Roberta Pizzorno

Roberta Pizzorno


by Kay Hare

I met Roberta a few years at a group exhibition in Cap Ferrat. I always remember because my work was right next to hers and complimented each other very well, being very different styles and colours. I also enjoyed Roberta’s presence, always tanned from sailing and a happy, sunshine personality. Its taken two years to catch up and get to the point of this interview but life takes over sometimes and it seems Pizzorno has been very busy as usual. 

When did you start painting?

My mother’s family is of Florence origin. When I was a child my grandfather would take me to museums, art exhibitions and the theatre to see ballets and variety shows. He urged my infantile sensibility so that I could be nurtured with love for beauty in all its forms. I have language training and a series of energy psychology training. My daughter’s father is an artist and for many years I worked in a press office for contemporary art communication. I worked closely with internationally renowned artists and gallery owners. It was very fluid energy that led me first to technical drawing and then to start drawing patterns. I have been meditating and practising yoga for many years and when I was drawing I became aware that there was a force greater than me capable of suggesting stories to tell. So I started to introduce inside the circle, the stories that are whispered to me in the silence of my studio.

How do you approach paintings? Do you draw first or it is a continuous flow of ideas?

I draw and paint every day with constancy, will and determination. An iron discipline that brings with it the pleasure of responding to a greater force. A bit like when you put yourself at someone’s service. I listen and draw what reaches me in the form of an auditory message

Why do you paint?

The pleasure of manifesting in the material through ink and brushes and sharing my feelings with other human beings.

Is it for your own personal satisfaction or do you want to inspire others to follow their passions and interests?

Painting is an act that has to do with the sacredness of space and time. I love spending part of my day in the studio in solitude and silence. Immersed in nature and its beauty. Last year was a very interesting time for my art as I started exhibiting in a Museum. I had a solo show for 3 months at Museo di arti visive Palazzo Collicola Spoleto and Museum art and Design Campello sul Clitunno. Exhibiting in museums has been a very new and different experience for me, Moving from art galleries to museums has been deeply rewarding. I’m full of gratitude and joy. Recently I have designed an artist performance entitled “Gioco d’Artista”

Where are you based?

At the moment I’m on board of a catamaran in Brazil, working as a skipper and enjoying the freedom of the ocean and boat life but this is another story…

Do you sell your art over the internet?

I do sell my art on the web, yes!

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