Multi-award-winning author Ivy Ngeow latest book – Midcentury Modern: 15 Interior Design Ideas is THE style handbook to own whether you are an amateur, designer or enthusiast. Inspired by TV and film – Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, Mad Max, Twin Peaks, and Alfred Hitchcock, Ngeow is ready to share some of her best-kept interior design secrets with you.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 15 easy-to-read illustrated ideas, each from a Queen’s Gambit scene to provide a pithy overview.
  • A brief history to explain the concept.
  • Recommendations to guide you on the design elements.
  • Colour palettes, furniture, lighting, wall, and floor finishes helping you style a room, new or old.
  • A HOT TIP in every chapter to ramp up any design and give it the professional touch.

Ngeow says her book is not for: “Those who balk at stuff or dislike colour. There are no neutrals except the chessboard. Kondo your fear and combo your thoughts! The beauty of Midcentury modern design is balance.”

She adds: “This book does not cover modern graphic design which was largely instigated by the Bauhaus movement. Minimalist, blocky modern sans serif typography that we use now had its roots in the Midcentury era. Although the scope of this book will also not include literary criticism, the works of Patricia Highsmith, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, and Harper Lee have always been my big influences when I was growing up.”

Midcentury Modern: 15 Interior Design Ideas is an excellent starter book if you are on a budget and planning a project based on a hot trend. Or if you are excited to find out how to create the look for your home, hotel, or motel.

Ngeow uses her 25 years of experience in architecture and interior design to bring fantastic ideas to life. Apart from residential properties in New York and London, Ngeow’s experience includes design creations for Caribbean resorts, the Gleneagles Golf and Spa Resort, Claridge’s, boutique hotels in Havana and Penang, and two UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Midcentury Modern: 15 Interior Design Ideas is available from:

Amazon UK (£1.99 eBook £9.99 paperback)

Amazon US ($2.99 eBook $13.99 paperback)

To read more about Ivy Ngeow’s architecture, visit her website: or Instagram 




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