by Kay Hare

I am a bit obsessed perhaps with my health but then as an artist, I don’t get paid for days off and I can’t work if I am sick. Living in France I have to pay for medical health care and doctor appointments. About a year ago I was introduced to essential oils, their different smells, how to use them in the home and to clean with; little did I know that they can also be used as health supplements.

One of the exciting finds I have embraced and use every day is a new product called Illumineyes a formula created by Young living for everyone, including children. We especially need this product now to protect our eyes from blue light. I am not a scientist and have no training in the specifics but I have learned enough through a presentation and conversations with doctors and scientists that blue light from computers, mobile phones, and television screens is damaging our eyes and accelerating the process of blindness. 

I don’t have to explain the benefits of our eyesight but I do feel not enough people are aware that the eyesight can be supported from the right vitamins and good essential oils. 

So, what are good essential oils? Firstly, essential oils are the blood of trees, shrubs, and flowers and are complicated natural ingredients that have to be grown, distilled, bottled and packaged with care. Corners cannot be cut with essential oils if they are they are the products that are sold cheapy and usually diluted with synthetic compounds. Secondly, the oils have to be used with some knowledge and care which should come from the supplier. Good companies will have links in the industry with doctors, scientists, and nutritionists that can provide recommendations and explain the different benefits of the oils. 

When you mix essential oils with other ingredients they all have to be pure and ethical so as to not poison the base oil. Essential oils as supplements to support the health and eyesight are to be taken regularly and consistently to support better eyesight, vision at night and avoid the damaging effects of blue light. Other benefits are noticed such as better skin and improved wellbeing in general from the added Vitamin A, C, and E which contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

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