Poems and short stories 

by Dominic Windram

Autumn Musings

Watching the leaves fall:

Notions sketched but not pursued.

Light filters through trees

Autumn is here

Autumn has arrived

In a heap of coloured leaves:

Reds & golds & browns.

Autumn Sketches

The cold, dark November dawn brings the rain.

It splashes, splutters on window panes.
The wind, as if in despair, moans and howls.

The rusty coloured leaves are scattered around.


Winter’s Approaching

Winter’s approaching.

I can feel its icy breath

On the morning wind.

A Winter Prayer

When autumn completes its final fables,;

When its rusted red and golden brown dreams
Have passed. Like the wise animals, I will
Hibernate and wait for the first snowflakes
Of winter to arrive. They will cover
The earth in a soft, feathery carpet.
O I shall pray and give thanks and praise to
The Creator, for all the bright colours
And intricate shades of the four seasons.
In winter, they terminate in quiet,
Ghost white sleep; and begin again in spring

With a sumptuous flash of pink and green.

Winter Surprise

Diamond glints of ice:

In the blurred splendour of dreams;
Scent of pinewood trees.
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