by Kay Hare

I started using essential oils in my paintings as an experiment little did I know where this would lead, not only opening an exciting new path full of beauty benefits, amazing smells in my house, that uplift and affect my mood but also a new universe full of network marketing. 

I love the Young Living essential oils and their products so much that I have decided to embrace the natural well-being aspect of oils further by becoming a distributor. Initially, I thought I could share and distribute the oils with a few friends who were already into natural products in order for me to get my monthly order perhaps for free or certainly earn enough essential rewards to get freebies. In order to do this efficiently, I started some research and discovered a whole new Universe of network marketing.

Firstly I received my starter pack which felt like Christmas opening the oils, smelling them and diffusing them in my home. Secondly, my sponsor introduced me to some learning material, books about the using the oils, videos on how to encourage other people and thirdly a whole weekend seminar introducing some of the leading distributors of Young living with the whys and how to enjoy the financial benefits representing the company. I was introduced to vets, doctors, leading business entrepreneurs and housewives who were six-figure earners. 

After a few weeks of being introduced to this new Universe, I quickly moved into the bigger world of network marketing and started reading and absorbing the advice of the professionals. One person, in particular; Eric Woore who is a genius marketer and entrepreneur in network marketing. I read his book and immediately joined up on his Go Pro network. This is teaching me much more than how to distribute essential oils it is actually a lot to do with self-development. He makes a statement that really resonated with me “I realized that to earn more, I needed to become more” Eric Woore.

He has encouraged thousands of people to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their fears in network marketing. As an artist I have never been taught ‘how to sell my work’ it was a dirty discussion at art school and no one seemed interested. It has been a long and lonely journey, often making mistakes and spending more than I earn.  However, now I am starting with thanks to network marketing and leaders such as Eric Woore realising that I can utilize these mistakes and learn from them. They have been confidence builders and now I can understand and enjoy the benefits of a support team and also provide my experience of working for myself as an artist which ultimately is the same as being an entrepreneur. 

Having a support team within your own organization brings valuable advice and confidence to step out and do the things that you have previously put off. Having support from a leader in the field of network marketing gives you a roadmap to follow, the steps and the advice to build your network. Distributing essential oils is the icing on the cake when it comes to my career but what I am realizing that the tools I have access to and learning relate also to my career as an artist and the two compliment each other. 

The first major steps I have taken is to increase my audience on social media. This has involved stepping out of my comfort zone and putting up live videos of me working in my studio with the essential oils. It has also encouraged me to see people as potential customers and team players. Including people that I would not normally communicate with, for example, I have started to talk to a family on Facebook (FB) in a third world country about their son who seems to be gifted in drawing. I have encouraged them to set up a FB page and upload his drawings. As well as another artist who just feels lost with no community to share his work with or talk to.  The second changes I have made is realizing my potential in network marketing and to become an asset to my friends and family offering products that will change their lives for the best. As well as perhaps offering chances to start a new business, to gain more freedom in their lives and to be part of a supportive, expanding community.

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