2020 Hosting business lunches at the Metropole Hotel with the Institute of Directors Monaco 

by Kay Hare

William Easun is an English Legal Adviser in Monte-Carlo. In 2012 he established his independent Law firm, Tempest Legal Services, which currently has two partners, speaking French and English. William originally qualified in England before attending the Law Faculty of a French University (Aix-en- Provence). The firm specialises in immigration, private client, family office, banking/finance, regulatory, governance, compliance, corporate, and commercial issues in Monaco and internationally. As President of the Institute of Directors for Monaco (IOD), he is finely tuned within the professional network in Monaco as well as understanding the community and how it operates. 

How did you get involved with the IOD? Were you a member first, and it organically came about?

The IoD Monaco Centre came into existence some thirty years ago. I was already living and working in Monaco at the time (I came to Monaco in 1980, John Lennon was shot on that day, if that chimes with anyone) and several friends and colleagues were involved in the initiative of setting up in Monaco, so I followed them in that venture from the outset and became one of the first members.

What are the goals of the IOD in Monaco: is it primarily for established Directors, or are there benefits for younger entrepreneurs and business individuals?

If the IoD exists to offer support and governance and a variety of benefits to its members (the IoD in Pall Mall London has substantial Premises which house IoD staff, restaurants, offices for members’ use) this same formula is not replicated in Monaco. We do not offer IoD services locally or have a Clubhouse in Monaco, but members in Monaco do have access to IoD London services and support. A certain number of our IoD Monaco members do avail themselves of those services, for example, if they need an office in London when they are there. Many of the services on offer are free to members once the membership fee is paid, but probably the reason people in Monaco become members here is to come to our local events and enjoy networking locally in an environment of like-minded English speaking business people. Young people and old are, of course, welcome. A recent speaker brought his very young daughter to an event so she could change the slides for him! Apart from the excellent lunches, we enjoy at the Metropole Hotel in Monte-Carlo, the draw is to meet old friends, make new ones, and listen to interesting speakers.

What are the main benefits you have gained personally from joining the IOD

I have met a great many people, either as members, guests or speakers during the 20 years or so that I have been Chairman of IoD Monaco. I might have found it difficult otherwise to meet the Director of the Serious Fraud Office, or the Attorney General, or a guru Professor in the world of Serial Killers. It is not the benefits of IoD London and their excellent services that I look to; it is the quality of the people who attend our events which make it for me; of course, other members who regularly travel to the UK will say that they benefit from the services on offer in IoD Pall Mall.

Can members also attend the IOD events in London?

Yes, they are very welcome to participate in IoD events elsewhere.

How do members find out about IOD events in Monaco? 

Members are alerted by email with details of an event and speaker where lunch is involved. We have had other activities (visits to Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum to enjoy a tour of an exhibition with a guide, for example). We tell other people whom we know about forthcoming events, by email usually, who are not yet members and this in the hope that after attending a couple of fulfilling IoD events in Monaco, they will sign up as members!

As a Legal Adviser in Monaco with your independent firm, has the IoD been of value for expanding your network? 

Undoubtedly being a member of the IoD in Monaco helps any of us expand our network. As a Legal Adviser, that, of course, has happened for me. But this is the purpose of the Monaco Centre, to allow and help people in business expand their networks without trying. Other members are drawn from the world of commerce, or Family Offices, and some members are in the banking or insurance worlds; some are entrepreneurs. We attract the most interesting cross-section of people. Some have been IoD members for decades, which shows we are doing something they like.

What does 2020 hold for the IOD in Monaco? 

The IoD in London has expressed as this New Year’s resolution a wish to get closer to their overseas members. To see how we can work together, and enjoy more cross-border contact and how they can help us more. I expect that we will have some attractive “benefits” to offer our members on the back of this, but the crux of membership in Monaco will be the lunch events we put on locally, and the speakers we attract. We intend to keep up our excellent record on that score in 2020.

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