Kay Hare

Monaco Vibes

 by Kay Hare 

Most, if not all the trees in Monte Carlo are protected and identified with a numbered necklace. I find this fascinating and it has inspired a whole range of paintings in the shape of trees. For me, the trees all have personalities and thrive with source energy that is timeless and descriptionless. In yoga circles, this source energy is termed the Paramahansa and is attached to the awakening mind which is the state of being before birth and after death. The swan is the animal symbol that represents this attuned awareness which transcends all the realms. Steve Jobs famously gave the book ‘The autobiography of a yogi’ that explains the ‘awakening’ state to all his guests at his memorial service. I included the swan in the later painting ‘Joyous’ as subtly seen below to the centre right of the painting. The swan is the animal that traditionally represents this state of being.

Joyous by Kay Hare

My studio overlooks Monaco and the sea beyond. I find Monte Carlo an inspiring place to live, most days all I can see is the blue sea with a few little white yachts from the Monaco Yacht Club practising their sailing skills around the bay. Monaco itself is constantly expanding, with a new island being built and with constant developments this takes money. Money is energy and it makes our world go round. This is uniquely demonstrated here in this tiny plot of land. Sadly many buildings and gardens with these trees have been knocked down or removed and in the nine years I have been here there have been many changes but I love watching the expansion knowing that it is a part of me. Everything is a totality, we are all moving into the future whether we like it or not. The key to flowing with change is to be the change and see yourself as a vehicle in the process and trust the process. We will never stand still and as the beautiful teachings of Sri Nisargadatta explore; we have to see that the only reality is the present moment, there is no past or future.

I was also invited to explore incorporating natural gemstone diamonds into my paintings, which I had never done before. I usually paint on the floor for practical reasons and never really interesed to invest in an easel as I was often moving around from studio to studio and I always felt working on an easel limiting. I like to walk around the painting and I love painting on large linens, most being too awkward to fit on an easel. However, working out how to apply the diamonds was a little more challenging. I researched on ‘how to apply’ and approached some manufacturers on the best way to apply the dust that is left from cutting diamonds but they all seemed too technical. I decided to go my own way and now I apply the diamonds directly to the paint just before it dries. I have been working with oil paint for over 20 years and usually mix the oil with pure turpentine and other oils so I have an intuitive approach knowing at what point to apply the diamonds. 

It seemed natural to include the diamonds and gold leaf on the Monaco trees as they are not ‘normal’ trees, they are rooted in one of the most valuable and manicured real estate lands in the world. They warrant their diamonds. 

If the paintings can radiate good feelings to the viewer and enhance or inspire their environments I feel my presence as an artist is done. I am an instrument to create images that come from an inspired channel from the imagination. If the paintings act as catalysts to encourage happiness and peaceful messages that inspire then I am on the right path. 

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