A Journey into Eco-Communication

Maurizio Abbati

A Journey into Eco-Communication

by Kay Hare

I met Maurizio Abbati at the Monaco Art week although this was an art week we got chatting over lunch at the fantastic Indian restaurant in Monaco, the Maya Jah. As an artist, I am always striving to make better, more beautiful images and to communicate Happiness. To do this I have to be happy, most of the time I am, but I find to be happy and at peace every day, in every moment, my health and wellbeing is a priority.  I have found that a regular practice of yoga, using Young Living essential oils around my home, my studio and diffusing them every day help my overall wellbeing. As I started talking to Maurizio about my paintings, the how and where, the hazardous potentials of cleaning products popped up, and we proceeded to delve into the well being of the environment, and I discovered his new book. 

The book is accompanied by the foreword of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, fully engaged in the environmental cause with His Foundation, and Stefano Zunarelli, Lawyer, Government Legal Advisor & Transport, Air and Maritime Law Professor at the University of Bologna (Italy).  

Abbati has created a beautiful and clear manual, resulting from more than 2-year academic research. The publication offers an unedited multidisciplinary journey through Environmental Communication from different perspectives: Journalism; Internet and Social Network; Art, Design, Photography, Cinema; Music; Green & Circular Economy; Public Administration; Management of Big Events (Expo) and Legal Language. 

The book includes twenty-two exclusive interviews with professionals, presented in their original language with English translation in the appendix. The conversations that ensued has aroused curiosity among many readers pushing them to look closer and deepen there understanding on several issues from different points of view. 

There are twelve case studies, and several multimedia references that open and discover best practices and benchmarks of excellence, collected at the international level. These benchmarks help to raise the awareness of eco-communication. 

The manual, based on authoritative sources and reports, plays as an excellent preparatory and interdisciplinary academic tool intended for High School (also IGCSE) students or university students, scholars, professionals and anyone who would like to know more on the matter. 

 Maurizio Abbati graduated in Law at the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna with specific study areas in International Commercial Law and Maritime Navigation, prepared at the Institute of Legal Studies (London) and University of Southampton (UK). He received two Second Level Masters’ Degrees in 1. International Relations and 2. Environment and Sustainable Development.  After many workshops and seminars in different European Universities: Lund (Sweden); Helsinki (Finland); Paris (France); Barcelona (Spain), he held, at the international level, conferences and courses on Environmental Communication and Sustainability in different languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian). He concluded successfully European projects for some public administrations. He has been working for several years as a multilingual professional journalist in the Principality of Monaco, France and Italy. 

Where to find the book: 

A journey into Eco-communication is available both in hard copy and in eBook version on Springer website www.springer.com and through most popular international bookstore platforms (e.g.: Amazon). Furthermore, it can be ordered at any bookstore.

Maurizio Abbati is currently working as Journalist for Hello Monaco




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