Life Changing Lu Jong Yoga Retreats Malabar retreats for inner & outer transformation

Life-Changing Lu Jong Yoga Retreats

Malabar announce retreats for inner & outer transformation

Enjoy transformational retreats of Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing Yoga) which are being offered in Mozambique and Seville with two exclusive trips confirmed for 2019 by Bibi Schofield, founder of Malabar Retreats and Dominique Caubel, one of Europe’s leading teachers of Lu Jong.

With guided meditation, deep tissue energy balancing massage and an extraordinary immersion in nature, Malabar Retreats offers guests a way to experience Lu Jong – a form of Tibetan yoga little known in the West.  Bibi offers a personal and low profile approach, hosting not more than twelve people at a time, to ensure that each guest receives proper attention and guidance.  

The Mozambique Retreat is a five day Lu Jong immersion. Learn the 21 Lu Jong movements for a complete personal practice. Set on a pristine beach overlooking the Bazaruto archipelago, just south of Vilanculos, participants will enjoy sunrises, grilled fish delivered daily by the local fisherman and lazing under the sway of the coconut trees. Boat trips to spot playful dolphins and pink flamingoes punctuate this rigorous but exhilarating week of meditation and yoga.

The Seville Retreat is an intensive four-night, three-day introduction into Lu Jong outlining the basic 21 movements and consolidating the “5 elements” permitting a fully comprehensive daily practice of this ancient, transformational yoga. Located in an attractive Hacienda near Seville, it is an ideal destination for being close to nature and more deeply absorbing the full benefits of this retreat.

Malabar Retreats was born of a shared vision – a love of and deep immersion into nature and a belief in the beneficial effects of the combined elements of Lu Jong, transformational massage, meditation, healthy food, digital detox and silence.

What is Tibetan Yoga?

  • Tibetan Healing Yoga known as Lu Jong is thought to be 8.000 years old.   Lu Jong was developed by Tibetan monks and practised for millennia, handed down from master to pupil. 
  • Recently brought to the West by renowned master, Tulku Lobsang, this exotic and deeply effective ancient practice is still rare. 
  • Lu Jong reinforces physical strength and flexibility, boosts the immune system and sharpens the senses. It balances the elements and humours, the foundation of the physical body, and invigorates the body’s more subtle vital wind or energy. This allows the Lung/Qi to flow freely and harmoniously, breaking down the blockages that create susceptibility to illness. We are improved on a physical, mental and energetic level.
  • The result is a beautiful, efficient and systematic practice that improves our well being in all dimensions.  Using breath and awareness, it develops a quiet mind, a true meditation in movement, which is ever more relevant in today’s busy and stressful lifestyle.
  • Lu Jong is thoroughly beneficial for health and happiness, brings inner calm and generates a glow from the inside out. Daily practice can really change lives and the results are profound. This ancient and life-changing yoga is a discerning and transformational choice.
  • Lu Jong can be practised by people of all ages and abilities and the benefits are felt immediately. 

The team behind Malabar Retreats:

Dominique Caubel

Dominique is one of the leading practitioners of Tibetan Healing yoga in Europe. Born in the Commores, on a small island off the African coast, Dominique is of Franco-Indian descent. His interests began with martial arts and he holds a black belt in Kung Fu and T’ai Chi. Inspired by his work with energy but seeking a non-combative expression of this power, he began to study Tibetan Yogas, most recently Lu Jong (Tibetan Healing Yoga) in the tradition of renowned Master Tulku Lobsang.  His professional accomplishments in the field of martial arts and yoga were also complemented over the last 20 years with a bodywork practice combining Chinese, Tibetan and Ayurvedic techniques together with Reiki and Karuna energy work. He is based in the South of France and leads the international Malabar Retreats.

Bibi Morelli Schofield 

Bibi spent 15 years working in business and as a banking lawyer in London, Madrid and Milan.   After marrying her Zimbabwean husband, Kenneth, she spent a decade living and working in and around Zimbabwe and Mozambique, in largely undeveloped environments, rich in nature and tranquillity. Kenneth’s knowledge and subtle appreciation of the indigenous environment revealed to her an appreciation of an undiscovered world, which triggered the beginning of a fundamental shift in her values. A few years later, after meeting Dominique Caubel and experiencing the Lu Jong practice and his profound bodywork, her priorities began to evolve. and crystallised into a new direction – to bring the benefits of Lu Jong to a wider audience.  This shaped the mission of Malabar Retreats.

2019 Retreats Prices: 

Mozambique: 27 July – 2 August 2019 (5 days/6 nights) Cost: $1,900 (approx. £1,500) per person, based on 2 people sharing a double (full board, all main activities)

Seville: 1 – 5 September 2019 ( 3 days/ 4 nights) Cost: €1.300 (approx. £1,156) pp based on 2 sharing a double (full board, all main activities)

For further information, please contact indigoeight: 

Anna Dickinson
Melanie Cutcliffe


Bibi Morelli Schofield


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