Dali 30

MAISON D’ART Art Gallery, Principality of Monaco 

 is pleased to announce 

“Dalí 30 ” exhibition

  from July 10th, 2019


Homage-to-Fashion Copyright © IAR, All rights reserved
Homage-to-Fashion Copyright © IAR, All rights reserved

Maison d’Art newest exhibition will be dedicated to the brilliant Salvador Dalí and aims to celebrate the anniversary of the 30 years from the loss of this intense and luminous mind. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the renowned Dalí Universe which owns and manages one of the largest private collections of Dalí artworks in the world. Passionately assembled over the past 40 years, this unique collection speaks for itself: it is one of the world’s most significant collections of Dalí sculpture and three-dimensional artworks. The selection Maison d’Art will exhibit starting from July 10th, 2019 includes a singular and prestigious selection of paintings, graphics representing some of the most iconic themes, exemplary sculptures and drawings. The wide collection exposed by Maison d’Art gives us the chance to discover the true essence of Dalì’s interpretation of the surrounding.

Alice in Wonderland Copyright © IAR, All rights reserved
Alice in Wonderland Copyright © IAR, All rights reserved

Maison d’Art shares the desire to bring people through the journey of “Dalí 30”. This exhibition helps understanding how the artist faced the tradition, how he approached the change in the art world and how he adapted his mind to innovation. Through this selection we can discover the different influences that effected Dalí’s works; the importance of the impact that great Old Masters, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Vermeer and Velázquez had on Salvador Dalí, on his creativity and vision. Salvador Dalí’s artworks that will be exhibited at the Maison d’Art gallery include a wide range of themes and figures, giving the public the opportunity to observe how Dalì has been master in reaching the innovation starting from the tradition.

For additional information :
Communication Manager: Mlle Federica Montali


Copyright © 2019 Maison d’Art

Dali 30 – Copyright © IAR, All rights reserved

Images: “Alice in Wonderlandand “Homage to Fashion” – Copyright © IAR, All rights reserved




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