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by Kay Hare

A set of drawings based on the power of positive words has inspired and become the catalyst for a new set of oil paintings and encouraged an online blog-style magazine, social media posts and video production.

I am now in the process of creating another book based on the powerful association of words and the visual image. Working through the alphabet I am creating a new series of oil on linen paintings reflecting positive words.

This is the introduction to the book, titled ‘your book’: 

This book of drawings is your book to share and discover the power of words. The drawings in this book are based on highlighting words that provide an emotional response of good feelings.

The energy within the pages will guide you to find the words that resonate at different moments with you. The emotions you find from these pages will help align you to a better feeling thought or idea. As you focus on a drawing and, depending on the word you choose, evidence of its meaning will appear in the form of the relevant better feeling. There are no negative or wrong words in the book. It is ‘your book’ of connection to a universal energy that guides all of us, but sometimes we become distracted; perhaps by what others think or preconceived ideas of how we should behave and so lose our connection. This loss of connection takes the form of negativity, illness or general despondency of well being. By frequently and deliberately looking at these everyday words they will start to appear in your vocabulary and evidence of their meaning will slowly become manifest in your life.

Kay Hare art

‘Your book’ evolved through an awareness of the ancient Hawaiian process of Ho’oponopono. I discovered this process over 10 years ago as I was interested in understanding the power of our thoughts. Ho’oponopono is a healing technique that concentrates on saying the words “Thank you, I love you, forgive me, I am sorry”. These words with repetition can open an awareness that releases negative emotions and thoughts. I was recently approached to create drawings for a book based on saying the words; ‘Thank you, I love you, forgive me, I am sorry’.

Shortly after this book was published I was talking with a friend about other everyday words we use to express good feelings. We started to go through the alphabet picking words that felt good. It was also at this point that the title for the book came about. ‘Your book’ is a shared, conglomeration of ideas from a mirage of places and people that have evolved naturally and easily. And, the ideas are still evolving and changing as I receive more information and continue to involve other people. I have no doubt that our thoughts carry energy and they become things. Therefore, it is necessary to recognise that your words are entwined with your thoughts, making it necessary to develop and nurture your words like best friends.

Kay Hare

Through being aware of my own emotions and how they are affected by what I am thinking has encouraged the practice of good feeling, positive thoughts. Our language is used in our awake moments and our dreams. The words we speak and think carry energy and vibration, indicating how we are feeling at each moment. They are also creating our stories. If you speak positively your actions are usually mirrored with positive energy. If you think negatively this behaviour is also reflected. So, by using more good feeling words and being reminded to use these words increases the good feeling energy, not just within you but affecting others around you.

Once the book is read it becomes the reality of its reader with unique and original ideas flowing, perhaps not immediately obvious but with practice will influence everyday thoughts into alignment with a well-being energy that is present in all of us. Some pages have descriptions but other pages have been left for the reader to choose their own meaning and message within the drawings.

The drawings are spontaneous direct acknowledgements to the words. In this original format they are genuine, honest responses to my current feelings behind the meaning of the words. Without adding extra layers of thought or design, this focuses on the word rather than the image surrounding the word. You will have your own feelings about the words and different attachments to their meanings. It is left this way to encourage you to contemplate and perhaps form your own vision around the meaning of the words. It is your book.

Words have the power to uplift and create situations in our lives that through our imagination and consistent use can become reality. It is liberating to realise the power of our thoughts and slowly through positive words and references, we can create our lives the way we wish to live, not just with our immediate family and friends but as a community and the larger world influencing future generations. Perhaps in time trusting the process we can learn to heal ourselves.

Many other people have written and talked on this subject which I have referenced in the back pages. I hope the drawings that are encapsulated in this book provide more evidence to their views. ‘Your book’ is a glimpse to understanding and having the faith that what you think about can come to be.

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