Floating thoughts, oil on linen, Kay Hare

‘Floating thoughts’

(oil on linen, 120 x 100cm 2007)

by Kay Hare

Exhibition at KW Massena, 9 Avenue Gustave V, Nice, France 

Happy to be showing a selection of my oil paintings at KW Massena, Nice, France. Keller Williams is an international real estate franchise with headquarter in Austin, Texas and over 60 agents operating from the Nice branch.  It is the number one franchise in the United States by sales volume, ranking number one in agents and units sold in 2017. They are internationally known to be the happiest company to work with.

I painted this oil on linen, ‘Floating thoughts’ in London in 2007. Although titles and dates for me are not really important, they act as a reference point only. Most paintings are timeless and apart from referencing the date in the artist’s oeuvre is irrelevant. Time and time again we are reminded that in order to have a peaceful state of mind and live in harmony, we should train our minds to stay in the present moment. Sometimes it is years later when I realise what and why I have painted something, art does have a life of its own and can only come into being when it is perceived. 

The present moment is all we have, there is no past or future. Thinking has, almost, as Echart Tolle describes become a disease, an addiction. One thought after the other and the next and the next. Tolle teaches present moment, not so much describing the state of being as mindfulness, as the point is to have an empty mind. To be in the space of no thought, this is the key to the present moment and with it brings right action and thinking. However, with all our mobile phones and gadgets our minds, the egoic state is teased every second to join in the madness of thinking and then often acting unnecessarily with futile results. 

I enjoy visiting or being in gardens and gardening probably because it is relaxing and takes me to a peaceful state, although a garden or nature is not necessary to be in a natural state. The mind is quite capable of imagining a flower and becoming the essence of the flower without seeing it or touching it. When I am painting I get quiet first, sometimes this can take days to achieve a state of being that is free of thought, although I am never entirely free of my thoughts I can choose to ignore them. ‘Floating thoughts’ is the visual image of the beginning of understanding and becoming aware of my thoughts and this process of seeing beyond or through my thoughts. 

I love the sea, which reminds me that we are all one. The rivers and streams are not separate from the sea. Their source is the sea and at some point, they return down the mountains and back into the sea. We are like this, as humans we feel alone and sometimes lonely or separate, however, this is utter madness, an illusion created from the egoic mind. We are all connected to source, we are nature and when we die we return to nature, to this source. When we are at war, it is like the water fighting with the water, or a shadow fighting with its subject. I included the sea in this painting as the metaphor for the source, which allows everything to come in and out. There are no restrictions to its nature, no limitations and no time, it is the pure present moment. Where is the past when you are not thinking of it? Where is the future when you are not thinking of it? 

‘Floating thoughts’ has flowers randomly placed, the flowers are the thoughts that are gentle and true because they are coming from a pure place. If you take the time to get quiet in your mind and investigate who is thinking all the thoughts and lay the dirty ones bare, look at them and clean them out or go beyond them, the mind dissolves and reaches a cleaner space that is the present moment. The only person who can pollute this planet is you, through your powerful mind. This present moment has been ignored and as a society in general overlooked with the egoic mind taking over. The good news is we can pick up our litter. We are not our thoughts, so who are we? This is the question that can lead you to understand and reach a state of being that is being itself. The world is in you, not outside of you. 

Current exhibition

KW Massena

9 Avenue Gustave V

06000 Nice, France

Sales enquires or viewing: Tel: +33 (0)6 33 95 29 05


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