Judit Nagy L new painting 'Just call me a King or a fool'

Judit NagyL

‘Just call me a King or a Fool’

The era before Corona and after Corona. 

B.C. – A.C.

Nobody is wrong! The end of the act is never the end of the piece. 

/Alexis de Tocqueville/

And the same Alexis de Tocqueville said: “Most voters (better to say: citizens – added by LNJ) are uninformed, so they can be easily influenced, an intention that carries the potential for abuse, and these people can be deceived with false promises without effort. Eventually, the one who painted the illusion of the best life the crowd expects will come to power. -to one hundred and fifty years into dictatorships.”

In times of unfavorable times as now, everything becomes uncertain. We are looking for security and we want to see the outcomes. However fortunately it is not given to us and we do not see into the obscure magic sphere ball of the future. If we could see the exact end, the burdens and losses imposed on us, we might give up and end the fight; and so it remains for us the chance of coping. The steadfastness in the fact that everything makes sense and we are not racing towards a hopeless vacuum, a meaningless chasm, but as part of a sensitive and meaningful force field, we are contributing to creation.

I believe that the artist should not only be given the opportunity but also the duty to reflect with her/his own works of art the times when she/he lives. “History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

The COVID-19 led to my acrylic artwork entitled :

“Just Call Me A King Or A Fool” 

(119x99x2 cm)

It is a painting with a suggestion of 2 mounting options.

The era before Corona and after Corona. 

B.C. – A.C.

The background is “very green” like my living place in Switzerland, where the meadows during the spring are square spots in various shades of fresh green. I wanted to express the force of Nature, it is circulating in its own endless rhythm: a dancing grass combed with the wind, kissed by the Sun. I wanted the viewer to feel the gentle touch of the breeze because that is the reality and this is the only stability between the Alpha & Omega. No one human force can stop the law of the highest order. 

In the foreground is the great theatrical act of our times. The corona with its worldwide shutdowns, locks, panic, controversial news from “above” and from “superiors”, the fall of many human relationships, the loss of clarity, the unbearable amount of questions that bombard us insides us without any answers…

Who is who?

What is the truth?

Who is playing with us?

Who is on the top and where is the bottom?

Who is the king and who is the fool?

Who owns the key?

Where is the matching lock?

Who locked the world (us) down?

I “cut” the picture with a thin gold thread in half: the up and down, the conscious and unconscious, the power and the hidden power.

The pomum / globe – is half a coronation badge and half a red apple, the keys to the verity are halved or to the visible and invisible. The royal thrones are painted with blue and purple. The king wears (the Corona – Crown himself) a stylish mask (compulsorily?) and the Fool mocks. 

My artistic-technical goal was to find out how two personalities can be visualized in two armchairs.

In the search for the truth, you cannot settle for less than wholeness and you cannot stick to half-truths.

“It is easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth.” 

― Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

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