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Why a life coach is an investment

Madeleine Karlsson

By Madeleine Karlsson
Lifestyle and Wellness Editor

If you´re going to invest your money in anything to lose weight this year, make it this 

A Health Coach. 

I´m not just saying that because I happen to be one, but because you can´t fix a long term problem with short term solutions. Let me explain what I mean. 

Your way of eating, moving & thinking are what determine the way you look & feel. It´s also what´s responsible for that extra weight you want to get rid of. They are what I refer to as your “pattern”. We all have one and it´s a comfortable place to be because most of the time, it lets us operate on auto pilot. 

“Every once in a while and often around January 1st we have the urge to break free from our pattern. Can you feel it right now? You´re full of hope, motivation & willpower to make a fresh start and to make 2019 your healthiest, happiest & most successful year yet! Right?”

You may have started a new diet, a new way of eating or committing to a new workout. Maybe you got yourself a new trainer or a new gym membership and that´s great! But we all know that the motivation and the drive you are feeling right now, will fade. Hasn´t this been the case in the past?


You see the problem with a pattern is that it´s a really comfortable place and you will be naturally inclined to go back to it. The moment things get a bit tricky, you get busy at work, your child gets sick, you get sick or you get sore from all those workouts, your pattern is standing there waiting for you with open arms. 

And you going back to it has nothing to do with willpower, intelligence, motivation or discipline. It´s human nature and I´m afraid we´re all in the same boat here.

Those who manage to break free from their pattern are often those who either go through trauma or somehow manage to create a shift in their way of thinking that helps them break free from their pattern by creating something that´s even better for them. This is the shift we create as health coaches.

We don´t JUST want you to loose weight.

We want you to keep it off by addressing the reasons why it got there in the first place. We want to find out what´s going through your mind as you reach for that bag of chips in front of the TV even though you know you shouldn´t.

We want to know what is creating stress in your life and help you distance yourself from it. We want to know what is keeping you up at night and preventing you from getting that good night´s sleep you so badly need. 

We treat the causes, not just the symptoms. We look at you as a person with individual tastes, desires & feelings in order to find what truly works for YOU. We know that the only way for you to break free from your pattern and to make this the new chapter you so badly crave, is to help you create a life YOU truly LOVE and that makes you feel good from the inside out.

No amount of willpower, of calorie burning workouts, powders, pills or diet plans can do this for you. But YOU can do it for YOURSELF. And if you´re up for it, I am here to help you.

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