Hidden Gem In Devon’s Coastline

The South West of England is renowned for its rolling red hills, quaint British villages, and dramatic coastline. As my home throughout the pandemic, I’ve been on the hunt for some of Devon’s most idyllic hideaways. One spot that I keep returning to is Weston Beach. Hidden in the Jurassic coastline, between Sidmouth and Seaton, and well over a mile away from any sort of civilisation, this really is a hidden gem for hikers, dog walkers, and beachgoers alike.

How to Get There

Park at Grammar Lane car park in Weston village. Like all the best natural spots, this beach is inaccessible by car, so here you don your walking boots, (make sure you have your swimming kit with you!) and set off down the footpath at the end of the car park.

This footpath leads you for about a mile down the most beautiful stony track. Cowslips, bluebells, and other wildflowers decorate the edges of the path, and it’s covered side to side by trees and greenery, creating a green tunnel effect.

Eventually, the footpath opens up into a field. This reveals the most spectacular and dramatic view of the sea, so do take a moment to breathe it in. When you are ready, turn right and head straight down the hill. 

The bottom of the field joins back up to a footpath, with steps leading straight down to the beach beside a little stream.

The Beach – Things to Know

This beach is a real find and is a beautiful place to spend the day in Devon. Its remote nature is what makes it so incredibly special. Because of this, there are some things to be aware of before setting off.

  1. The beach is inaccessible by car, and the walk can be steep and uneven, so make sure to take some practical footwear.
  2. There are no toilets on this beach.
  1. There are no cafés or restaurants here, so make sure to take plenty of supplies!
  1. Once on the beach, there is little shade or shelter, so bear this in mind when planning a summer visit.
  1. The far left corner of the beach is often occupied by nudists.
  1. It’s a stony beach, so wet shoes are recommended if you choose to swim.

Getting Back

The return journey takes you back the way you came and is a steep climb. Locate the footpath leading back up through the cliffs (it should be marked). This leads you up the steps and back out onto the open field.

Head straight up the field on the left-hand side, and at the top (take in the view once more!!) and then take a left, back onto the tree-lined footpath.

This footpath leads you straight back to Grammar Lane car park.

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