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Author of ‘Menopause Cure – Hormonal Health’

by Kay Hare

I met Jill Davey in Monte Carlo to discuss her book and the reasons why she feels so passionate about helping women navigate their way through ageing and the menopause. The menopause is a delicate word that can proclaim old age. However, some symptoms as Jill explains can be as little as headaches or poor skin. Other symptoms can be more serious and frustrating. 

We are all ageing, but this process can be embraced and enjoyed with the right advice and treatments. I guess it is not until we endure a problem, be it a physical or psychological health issue that we start to question and seek advice. Jill believes we should be aware and addressing our health before the problems arise. Hormones are the key to good health, but unfortunately, as we age they start to decrease. The good news is there is a mountain of information and help available. Davey has her own first-hand knowledge of pretty much every issue which are all addressed in her book ‘Menopause Cure – Hormonal Health’. It is a fantastic insight into prevention and in some cases reversal of certain illnesses and ailments. Even if you are not encountering symptoms, it is a real education on how our bodies balance hormones and tune into good health. The book is written with Dr Sergey Dzugan who is Chief Scientific Officer of the Dzugan Institute of Restorative Medicine in Florida. He has scientifically developed a natural restorative programme to slow the ageing process and reduce symptoms in women and men with a particular focus on the effects of the menopause. 

Where are the products for the hormones sourced?

Bioidentical hormones are not pharmaceutical drugs, they are made from soya, wild yam and other plants extracts that are bioengineered in a laboratory as an exact copy of the human hormone. They are hormone replicas, biologically identical to the hormones produced in our body. They are exactly the same in terms of molecular structure to our bodies. Therefore, they know how to metabolise in precisely the same way the body metabolises natural hormones; using them for energy, repair, and regeneration. 

What is different from this product and others on the market?

Firstly, supplemental hormones are available in two forms: bioidentical/natural hormones, known as BHRT (bioidentical hormone restorative therapy). Secondly, the other form is non-bioidentical, synthetic hormones, known as HRT – the contraceptive pill is also synthetic. A synthetic hormone is a substance that is not found in nature, but rather, it is reinvented from nature; it is chemically altered and then patented. Synthetic hormones cannot be used safely and efficiently by the body, they are alien to the body, producing toxic by-products. Studies illustrate that these products can cause health issues, some serious to include; various cancers, heart attacks and strokes.  

I am not sure how many people are aware, but synthetic oestrogens are made from the urine of pregnant mares. Apart from the cruelty of horses, our bodies cannot identify with horse hormones. Horses have a completely different reproductive infrastructure to us and an altogether different cocktail of oestrogens. How can our bodies absorb or eliminate these hormones when they are not natural to the human body? Scientific studies illustrate these facts and clearly point to the dangers of using synthetic oestrogens. 

However, I do advocate bioidentical hormones, not only for women but also for men, specifically because they are natural to the human body. Bioidentical hormones are recognised and used by the human body. They can be metabolised in a safe and efficient manner to regenerate, repair, keep us healthy, vibrant and young. The body can eliminate these natural hormones efficiently and easily, there are no toxic by-products and therefore, no health issues.


The goal of restorative medicine is to identify specific essential hormones and nutrients encouraging balance to achieve optimal health, stay disease-free, vibrant, energetic, sexy, powerful, positive and focussed all our daily life. Menopause can be the first sign something is going wrong in the body – it is a ‘Wake up Call’.  Restorative medicine can bring women back to life and maintain that all important ‘wow factor’ of life. This can only be done with the use of Bioidentical Hormone Restorative Therapy.

We should also not forget men, as they too, suffer hormonal decline. Men can experience a variety of symptoms such as; gaining weight, low libido, depression and many of the symptoms menopausal women suffer, including hot flashes. This medicine has proven many benefits for men, with minor or major symptoms. 

I believe the first step is a blood sample how do we do this?

In order for the overall assessment, it is necessary to complete a very in-depth health questionnaire.  It can take up to an hour to complete. The whole programme is online, including the initial questionnaire which is very convenient for busy people who care about their health.  Once the questionnaire has been received, your restorative medicine doctor prescribes a specific list of blood tests, typically consisting of a range of hormones including oestrogens, progesterone, DHEA-S, pregnenolone, cortisol, testosterone, thyroid hormones, and HGH, as well as homocysteine levels, C-reactive protein and many more. 

Most private blood laboratories in Europe or America provide quick and easy services for a blood draw. It usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to receive the results. Once you have your blood tests, your doctor will review them together with the health questionnaire. A programme is then specifically designed, tailored to your health needs. This typically consists of bioidentical hormones and nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, omegas, amino acids, and others. It is important to understand that these supplements are specific to you, to your bodily needs as they have been established by your blood test. The amount, dosage and timing; meaning, what time the supplements are taken, morning, noon, or night, are the key to achieving optimal health. It is extremely important to seek a qualified restorative doctor – hormones should be discussed with an experienced practitioner; one who understands and knows how to balance them correctly.  This is all discussed in my book here

How soon will we notice a difference?

That all depends on your current health status. I felt a huge difference within three weeks, but my hormonal decline was only beginning. It really depends on what stage you are with your health and how long the hormonal loss has been going on.  My book explains this in detail.  

Can you elaborate on the instructions, how to take the course? I think you mentioned it comes as a cream and in pill form?

The hormone oestrogen is applied as a cream or gel form known as triest. This has been compounded in a specific pharmacy as well as the progesterone and testosterone.  The creams or gels, applied in the morning are rubbed into the inside of the arm, where the skin is thinner for a quicker entry into the bloodstream. Once the hormones are absorbed in the bloodstream the magic starts. The hormones travel through the bloodstream avoiding the stomach so they are not broken down by digestive acids and enzymes. They are left intact, working more effectively, as none of their benefits is lost. Physiologically this method is more natural. The other supplements are taken orally. Usually, vitamins are taken in the morning, never at night as they may disturb sleep. Minerals such as, magnesium and herbs like; valerian root can be taken at night as they promote sleep, as does the hormone progesterone, which is basically a natural sleeping aid. Progesterone taken at night comes in a troche form and is dissolved between the cheek and gum. This application is highly effective because the lining of the mouth is thin and rich in blood vessels. Your doctor will recommend when each hormone and nutrient should be taken to better optimise your health.


Are there different levels of treatments and costs?

Yes: everyone has different needs, we have deliberately designed various programmes. There is our entry-level programme for both men and women through to our top of the range Elite™ Concierge Programme. Prices are on an application, more information is on my website: Menopause Woman. We discuss all the options at length to ensure the right treatment is undertaken. 

How do we monitor how we are doing once we start on the hormones?

The easy to use programme is completely online. A personal account area is allocated for each individual, this is private and secure for all communications. You can update as many times as you like about specific issues or anything that is troubling you, or that you don’t understand. Your enquiry or questions will be answered within 24 hours, usually 12.

Are all the hormone programmes suggesting they will help the anti-ageing on the face?

If we are getting younger from the inside we are definitely going to get younger on the outside. This medicine is an ‘inside-out’ medicine. Your face shows the first signs of ageing but when we restore, rejuvenate, and repair, the organs inside the body communicate and radiate to the outside of the body, bringing back youthful looking skin.

To give you an example, bioidentical oestrogens increase skin thickness and water content, helping the skin to appear more radiant, firm and youthful. DHEA, another very important hormone for overall health, also boosts skin health.

How long does one course last?

It’s not really a course, it’s a lifetime commitment. Hormones are forever, without them the body cannot function correctly and hormonal decline never goes away, if we leave it, it will get worse. It is essential to restore them daily. Endogenous, our own hormones or bioidentical hormones are life-giving molecules. They give life, keeping our immune system youthful, strong and fit. The immune system is the protector of our health.  It is well known amongst researchers and restorative doctors that one of the major factors of ageing is due to the naturally occurring decline in hormones. Of course, lifestyle habits impact ageing as well. Following a healthy diet, regular exercise, controlling stress levels and avoiding toxins as much as possible is imperative to obtaining and maintaining good health and slowing the ageing process.  It’s all in my book which can be purchased here. 

Once we start on the restorative medicine is there any looking back? 

In one word: no. I couldn’t imagine a world without my hormones. 

Women often say to me, “Jill.  I don’t want to get old in the true sense of the word. I don’t want to go through the pain and suffering of disease, be it physical or mental. I know we all die but I don’t want that. When I get old I want to be of sound mind and body, I want to live life to the full.” This is the best path to do it, believe me, we just need the right guidance and the right tools.  

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