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by Kay Hare

In 2008 the Grimaldi Forum Monaco presented Queens of Egypt, an exhibition that remained in visitors’ memories. In the summer of 2018, Golden Treasures of the Pharaohs, 2,500 Years of the Goldsmith’s Art in Ancient Egypt will bring together more than 150 masterpieces from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, presenting a series of prestigious ensembles discovered in the royal and princely tombs of pharaonic Egypt. 

These exhibitions have benefitted from the expertise of Christiane Ziegler, exhibition curator, honorary director of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities at the Musée du Louvre, editor of the publication of the Mission Archéologique du Musée du Louvre à Saqqara (Egypt) and president of the Centre d’Archéologie Memphite. 

One of the other examples of art is the immersive contemporary film made by Fleur de Papier who is a multi-media agency based in Paris. It is a beautiful and engaging animation that adds a new, modern twist to the exhibition and encourages a dialogue with the objects. I find it inspiring when we can delve into our pasts using our imagination to bring alive the artisans and people that were alive over 2,000 years ago. They were essentially the same, yes there were differences in technology and medicine however their imaginations were no less advanced than ours are today. In fact, one could argue they had more aspirations and originality than we do today?  The animation invites you to sit down and watch the film, then continue to walk around the exhibition with the characters and the story in mind. The graphics are first class and as they mention below are specifically designed for the light and the room in the Grimaldi Forum. I spoke more with Guillaume Darcourt, the Director of Fleur de Papier and his team about the making of the film. These are the answers that entailed.


What is the primary message of the film?

Two epochs look at each other, a priest and an archaeologist exchange their vision, plunderers explain their gesture …

The film tells the discovery of the hiding place of Deir El-Bahari, which contained more than 40 royal and princely mummies, concealed 3000 years ago by the great lending Pinedjem II. The Priest speaks to us from the depths of time to tell the looting of the royal tombs by the Egyptian people who were suffering from starvation.

How did you get involved in the exhibition?

We had worked with the Grimaldi Forum teams on the previous exhibition “The Forbidden City in Monaco”. They contacted us again this year to imagine a new experience.

Gold of the pharaohs

Have you created short films before similar to this?

The Fleur de Papier agency has been around for almost 10 years. We have made many films for exhibitions, but this one is the most gigantic. The size of the screens, their number, the skylight and the spatialized sound make it a unique experience that goes beyond the screen. You have to be in the room to live it

What was your brief? Did you have guidelines to follow or was it an organic process?

We wrote the film from the sources given by the Grimaldi Forum teams. We could not use photographs of works or places. We had to write a film based on illustrations and drawings.

How long did it take to make?

The entire film, from his writing to its realization, took 4 months.

For more information please contact

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