Ecole Fam joins embraces Young Living beauty products

26th November 2019

Ecole Fam is based in Nice and was established 20 years ago a project led and directed by Ewelina Grabska. Recently she has joined forces with Young Living primarily for the ‘Savvy Minerals’ makeup products but also understanding and embracing the sustainability of the company and the support that can be gained through network marketing. Young Living is the leaders in therapeutic essential oils, with over 130 singles and blends and thousands of products they strive to educate people on the health benefits and environmental benefits that are gained when switching to and using natural essential oils. 

Ecole fam offers a two-year program in the fields of image consulting and artistic makeup. The training lasts two full years, six semesters from September to June with two months of holidays in July, August. The first year is a common foundation for all students providing the basics on customer management, business management, beauty makeup techniques and the development of the silhouette with the clothing. At the end of the first-year students choose their specialization, they have the choice between an image consultant and general makeup artist. The second-year gives access to a specialization.

The specialization: ‘CONSEIL EN IMAGE’ makes it possible to learn the profession of image consultant – how to master the techniques of nonverbal communication – to know the dress codes, make-up, hairstyle and how to adapt them according to personality, silhouette, attitudes, fashion personal and professional life of the client.

The specialization MAQUILLAGE ARTISTIQUE allows to learn the trade of makeup artist and thus master all the techniques of professional make-up and make-up special effects to become a professional makeup artist for the world of fashion, cinema, theater, television and also for special effects.

The different areas for the industry training are:

Sales consultant for customers in ready-to-wear and/or make-up
Communications and Image Advisor
Image Advisor
Image and Communication Advisor
Consultant in Communication and Image
Communication and image coach
Personal shopper
Public Communication Officer (communication and image)
In charge of animation workshops in communication and image
In charge of the professional integration project.
Socio aesthetic accompanist.
Professional makeup artist freelance Makeup artist
Opera Makeup Artist
In charge or assistant of make-up shop
Learn the profession of personal image consultant – master the techniques of nonverbal communication – know all the dress codes, make-up, hairstyle and know how to adapt them according to the personality, silhouette, attitudes and personal and professional lifestyle of the client.
The skills of artistic makeup artist: master all the techniques of makeup fashion, film, theater, television, opera and makeup special effects.

For more information or to try the beauty products come along to the next event:

26th November with Ewina Grabska 6-8pm

Ecole Fam 15/17 Rue du Liberté, Nice 06000

rsvp: Ewina 

Telephone +33 6 83 37 56 61



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