An introduction to the skincare range by Environ

by Kay Hare

Do you want glowing, happy skin at 60 or beyond? Dr Des Fernandes is the founder behind the skin range Environ. I had been fortunate enough to know the local distributor in Monte Carlo who suggested I try some of the products, not because my skin is problematic but to improve the quality and radiance of my skin. Environ is a scientifically tested and lab created product. With its roots based in prevention, rather than cure, it is, also an excellent solution for serious skin disorders and post surgery scaring. 


Fernandes is based in Cape Town in South Africa. He one of the leading plastic surgeons in the world and is frequently travelling extensively giving lectures educating people about their skin, advising how the Environ products benefit and accelerate results. I caught up with Fernandes after a trip to Japan where the products are also sold. He explained that everyone is unique. Normally we can make good evaluations of many skins based on age. However, skin from different ethnic groups can be significantly different due to climate, pollution and consumer habits. Environ products adapt to these factors and have ranges for most skin types, not just the Western world.  Early on in his career it soon became apparent that although his patients were receiving fantastic results many clients had such poor skin habits both before and post surgery that he recognised the urgent need for prevention. 

Fernandes explained that our skins have layers, the top layer becomes thinner with age but with the help of a synthetic Vitamin A applied topically with the combination of other ingredients we can, if used consistently not only improve the appearance of this layer but recreate the texture and make it thicker. “In 1982 it became apparent that this cream was conceivable.  I was turning 40 years old so I decided that I also wanted this skin, now was the time”. There was nothing on the market that focused on Vitamin A and very little awareness and attention was being invested in skin care generally. This was not because he had any problems with his skin, but like everyone else started to see the subtle natural effects of age, the appearance of the skin was not as radiant as it was or as it could be. Fernandes wanted glowing, youthful skin again and believed that he had found the formula. Knowing that if he started to use Vitamin A now it would gradually build up the skin and he would still be enjoying the good feeling and good looking skin in older age. 

Vitamin A holds the magic and is the secret component to Environ. The liver regulates our bodies consumption of Vitamin A which is the primary source of healthy skin. Unfortunately, Vitamin A cannot be found directly in food. It is a complex result of the liver breaking down other solubles in our food. Of course eating healthy foods, leafy vegetables, fruits and water is of benefit, but it is not enough to achieve glowing radiant skin as we age. It is also sometimes not enough for problematic skin such as acne or melanoma. 

In 1987 Des approached a cosmetic company to assist in the manufacturing of Vitamin A and other antioxidants. They ignored his advice, and so he made a laboratory himself to make them. Environ was soon born and the good effects were seen immediately, however encouraging young people to use the creams was more challenging as well as skin care regimes for men and people with normal skin. 

The Environ range is extensive in order to cater to different skin. Therefore it is not sold on the internet, it is necessary to consult an Environ distributor for guidance on finding a therapist or a chemist for the right product and how to apply. 

Environ differs from other brands in several ways. One of which, it is a slow startup of Vitamin A. The product has to be gradually introduced as a ‘step up system’ especially for sensitive skin. Vitamin A cannot be absorbed directly, it has to be combined with peptides which are the building block of a protein. Certain combinations of these proteins are introduced which create amino acids to send subtle messages to the brain cells encouraging an extraction of Vitamin A. This also works on a molecular level changing the structure of the skin hence attracting plastic surgery patients and other more general post surgery clients. 

The process behind Environ Vitamin A is scientific.  It is laboratory tested (has received many awards for innovation) using only the best ingredients that are continually being researched and explored. This does make the product expensive relative to the supermarket, off the shelf brands. One of their products called ‘Advance’ builds up collagen to create thicker skin, this is a complex conclusion to a mixture of chemicals working alongside each other. These products are top of the range and are derived from the best suppliers, this like many other leading-edge innovations come at a cost. 

This is an issue for many younger people. Fernandes insists that the basic Environ ‘Skin Essenti A’ should be used from the age 15-20, or earlier if possible. Fantastic results will be seen if a simple skin regime is followed. An awareness in younger generations of the sensitively to the sun and pollution can greatly reduce skin cancer and other fatal illnesses caused by lack of education and ignorance especially where the sun is concerned. But, how do younger people afford the creams?

Fernandes says like everything else people find a way to budget. Younger people start to look after their skins and see the results, the more their state of minds change. This encourages them to spend time caring about themselves and setting money aside. It is not going to happen overnight but the benefits of beautiful skin when we are old provide us with much more than is seen.  

Having beautiful skin radiates to other people and sets examples to all ages, men and women. It improves the way a person feels about themselves generally and boosts confidence, it also encourages people to live longer, to achieve more and to be aware and prevent the damaging effects of the sun. 

Dr Fernandes consults from his practice in South Africa and starts an International tour in October, visiting Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Argentina. We hope to continue our articles with more specific Environ products and the conversations that ensue. 

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