Valckenborch Pastor/ The Real Riviera

The Meeting of Masters’

A dialogue between ancient, modern and contemporary works of art.

22nd November until January 4th 2019

Feature image: Detail, Martin Van Valckenborch (Leuven, 1535 – Frankfurt, 1612), “Extensive Landscape with a River on the Valley”, De Jonckheere Gallery / Detail Philippe Pastor (Monaco, 1961-), “Les Arbres Brûlés” (“The Burned Trees”), bronze, 2018

 This is an opportunity to highlight Philippe Pastor’s committed work, some of whose emblematic works are presented here.

Phillipe Pastor

At the entrance, facing the winter scene of the painter Adam Van Breen (1590 – The Hague – 1645) stands the latest bronze version of Philippe Pastor’s “Arbres Brûlés” (“Burned Trees”). This series of sculptures, initiated in 2003 following the devastating fires in the Massif des Maures, now sadly echoes the recent tragedy in California. The first pieces of this sculpture were directly carved from the burnt trunks of the bruised forest. However, the artist proposes here an immutable version, made of bronze. This noble alloy allows an admirable reproduction of the details and roughness of the material that has been subjected to fire attacks.

The flames, at the origin of dramatic forest fires, are caused four times out of five by the hand of Man, whose responsibility is denounced here by the artist. This approach is more broadly part of a particularly critical environmental and societal context, in the era of the so-called Anthropocene, with global warming, the plundering of natural resources, excessive pollution and rising sea levels.

These are the last two topics that the artist evokes in his emblematic series “Bleu Monochrome”. This Mediterranean series is elaborated with natural pigments that the artist collected in the isolated villages of the Moroccan Atlas Mountain. Sometimes combining natural elements, such as leaves or pine needles, the work is done in layers, during a long process, punctuated by multiple drying times. Traced with subtle cracks, the rugged reliefs that appear then reveal new abyssal topographies. The colour blue, associated with the afterlife in the Egyptian culture, has an almost mystical dimension. It evokes the immensity of the celestial vault, as well as the infinite expanses of the seas and oceans to which the artist pays tribute here. Today soiled and mistreated by human pollution, Philippe Pastor’s paintings show us their wounds.

Artists presented : 

Pieter Brueghel the Younger – Jan Brueghel the Younger – Adam van Breen – Abel Grimmer – Abraham Janssens – Jan van Kessel 

Alexander Calder – Enrico Castellani – Lucio Fontana – Yves Klein – René Magritte – Philippe Pastor – Arnaldo Pomodoro – Mario Schifano

Jonckheere Gallery

27 Avenue Princesse Grace

98000 Monaco

Philippe Pastor (Monaco, 1961 -)

Committed to the protection of nature, Philippe Pastor has developed through his work a personal vision of Nature, reflecting Man’s interactions with the planet. The artist uses living materials and transforms them by making time and its immediate environment an ally; he mixes earth, pigments, minerals and plants of all kinds, thus representing his vision of life, the destruction of the environment and the role of Man in Society.

In 2007, he founded the association Art & Environnement in order to support environmental actions through artistic projects.

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