Kay Hare oil on linen

‘Count your blessings

50 x 50cm oil on linen and 10k gold leaf 2016

by Kay Hare

This small oil painting is a magical tree with numbers circulating around the edges reminiscent of a clock, however, the numbers are randomly suggested. When I am painting I lose track of time and dive into another world of my imagination. I am lucky enough not to have to keep track of time and hours can pass by without noticing. I am not sure where I am in these moments but I am assessing another dimension and picking up on abstract thoughts that I then transcribe into the paintings. I am never rushed nor do I feel the need to paint, but there is always a painting waiting to be finished, and when the time feels right I continue. This momentum can encourage the seeds of new paintings. If I am stuck or the momentum stops I know it is temporarily delayed. I should take a break, a walk in nature or a swim. I am guided by something and if this is forced or pushed it is coming from the ego which is not authentic and usually does not work out.
Time is a man-made, the concept that has evolved gradually creating millions of plastic gadgets that can measure a second of a second. However, time in some cultures does not exist in the form of a watch or clock. It is just known by a telepathic sense helped by the changing seasons, the sun and moon. A persons age is measured by their flexibility and their health. I’m not sure our concept of time would be compatible in the space environment. Time is never of an issue in our dreams and apparently, if you are sleeping you will never see a clock in your dreams. We spend half our time sleeping but sometimes we are not aware if we have been dreaming, or if it was real. It’s odd that very little understanding is given to our dreams, yet they can reveal powerful messages. Albert Einstein said ‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one’.

Neville Goddard articulates clearly that by investing your thoughts positively and constructively you are inviting the future to reflect back these thoughts. The thoughts you are thinking now will always be moving into the future, therefore they can change the future regardless of the apparent reality. 

Sometimes I will set my alarm clock I usually try to wake up early in the mornings, but most of the time, I wake before my alarm. Something arouses me and stirs my body to move and get up. This is my inner being, my subconscious mind that already knows. It is awake permanently, watching, listening and monitoring my body to ensure the blood is pumped around my heart, which beats all night and takes care of me while I am sleeping. Whatever label we put on it, it is much more powerful than our materialist concept of time. Is it not important we spend more time investigating this magical force that lies within us all?

The numbers on the painting are representing gratitude rather than time. If you have an idea to do something and the thought has been an inspired thought, then the Universe will give you all the time you need to do it, without rushing, without measuring the time. If you are rushing to get something done or something is taking too long it probably is not an idea that will work out in the long run. An inspired thought is in alignment with a source of energy that is pure and will create its own time.

Gratitude is the seed that will bring more of what it is you are wanting.  By being grateful for all the little things as well as the big things you will create a momentum that will serve you. The numbers on this painting are representing this momentum.

The image of the tree is rooted in gold leaf, gold being the Elysium of the Universe. Gold carries healing energy and if it is worn will ground you and help to balance energy to the more subtle aspects of the ethereal. The tree is surrounded by a white light indicating the aura associated. I have talked more about auras in my first blog http://www.kayhare-art.com/natural-gemstone-diamond-paintings-2016/.

The image is a reminder to be present and in harmony with gratitude, to count your blessings first before measuring the time.

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