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by Kay Hare 

I am visiting hotels more and more to meet clients and sometimes I am staying overnight which obviously makes me spend time in the rooms or the lobby area. There is often, what seems like at first, a nice smell and I am a fan of perfume and interested in chemical compositions of the plants and flowers. This is how I started with essential oils as I like to explore mixing them and using them with carrier oils and understanding the benefits on the skin and hair.  However, I recently invested in a starter pack from the Rolls Royce of essential oils, Young Living who currently distribute 130 different blends and single oils. I like Young living because they offer the widest range and their oils smell and feel fantastic. They are also particularly strong on their ‘seed to seal’ promise, which in a nutshell means they nurture the seed of the plant in an organic environment and follow this process right up to putting the oil and the seal on the bottle.


The ‘seed to seal’ process is lengthy and another article however, this organisation has made me realise the importance and art that goes into a bottle of essential oil. I use to buy essential oils from the chemist until I realised the difference in smell and quality when using Young living. I am diffusing oils in my home every day and I am breathing the vapour in, it is essential that what I am breathing is natural and authentic otherwise I am inhaling toxic chemicals and substances that could damage my overall health and immediately cause a reaction or worse still nothing happens but builds up for later. For more information on how to clean up your life in 12 months I recommend reading the book by Olivier Wenker ‘A doctors guide to essential rewards’. 

This is what has made me aware of hotels that advocate a nice smell in their lobbies. This ‘nice smell’ is also often stretched into the bathrooms and restrooms which recently I have had to leave because the smell has been so aggressive I can hardly breathe after a period of time. This is not to mention the cleaning products I can also smell in the bathroom areas, what is it they are using that produces such a strong and often paralysing smell? I have approached a few well known London and Monte Carlo hotels enquiring what exactly is in their air conditioning units that give off this fragrance.

Some of the hotels have replied, some have not. However, the overall response has been very poor with many of the receptionists having no idea that the fragrance they are breathing in all day long could be damaging their health. Most of the hotels are not using diffusers but introducing the perfume through their air conditioning units, the point I am suggesting is choice. Should the hotels not have some sort of regulations that control what we are breathing? Essential oils could be a solution but they do come at a cost, changing from suppliers and installing new diffusers with staff that have to manage them manually, but if the hotel cannot be responsible for acknowledging the health aspects then it is surely better to have no smell at all?  The guests and staff have no choice than to breathe this product which is forced on us, we should at least be told what is in this fragrance? Is it not also our right, to be told when booking what the products are exactly in the air conditioning especially if this is being filtered into the rooms. 

So, what’s the solution? For me it is simple, diffusing an oil with a reputable company that assures the authenticity and organic properties and above this to clean with natural products. Cleaning with natural products is a must for hotels, governments, yachts and public places. Most good natural products smell so great you need very little perfume on top. 

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