Beach Life by Kay Hare

‘Beach life’

by Kay Hare 

I started painting in a community venture in North East England when I was in my teens and not sure what direction I wanted to take in Life. Working in the community in an art studio allowed me an insight into government funding, how to raise it, and of course a studio and free oil paint. This experience at the time was challenging however when I look back I would not change it for anything. I was a bit lost, having dropped out of my A -levels with the only interest in academic studies being art and fashion design. 

Beach Life by Kay Hare
Beach Life by Kay Hare

I was paid a salary and started to develop and raise funds for community initiatives. I painted most days and had no formal training just the opportunity to watch others and get on with it. I had to stretch my own canvas and make the frames. One of the first paintings was ‘Beach life’ which still to this day I have hanging in my studio. I love this painting, not just for the sentimental value it holds but for its freshness even all these years late. It is supposed to represent my feelings towards summer holidays in the South of France. I painted it with my fingers and a huge brush. I probably painted it in a few days, without putting much thought into it, just happy feelings.

I always remember flicking through a philosophy book that said ‘life is so predictable you might as well make it extraordinary’ my career and passion for painting has certainly given that sentence a run for its money. That’s another story. 

Although I have not sold this painting, I would be more than happy to see it go to the right person. Many of my earlier paintings have been sold and the first painting I sold was 300 pounds to my brother’s friend, who I believe still has the painting and is enjoying it. This painting is now in my studio in the South of France, where I live and work. 

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