Eliott Sarrut ALM

Eliott Sarrut 

by Kay Hare

I met Eliott at the Air League Monaco party June 2019 where I was invited to interview some of the students regarding their grants awarded to enable them to follow their passions and fly. It was so exciting to meet them and share their enthusiasm about flying and their plans and dreams for the future. 

When did you first want to fly? And Why?

Thank you for interviewing me. My passion for aviation started in my youngest childhood. In the beginning, I wanted to fly Firefighter planes, and, when I was 3 or 4 years old, later I changed my mind and turned towards commercial aviation. I don’t really know how my passion was born, my father is afraid when we go on a plane!

2. How did you find out about the Air League Grant (ALM) ?

It is a bit unusual. When I was 12, a friend of mine challenged me to try the BIA (Brevet d’Initiation Aéronautique) as an independent candidate. Indeed, the rectorship assigned me to the nearest examination centre, which was the Lycée Albert Premier. When I took the exam, I met Mr PORTUESE, the BIA teacher at the Collège Charles III. We discussed a lot and kept in touch. One day, he sent me an email explaining the concept of ALM and telling me they already helped a lot of people. I was very interested. If he reads this, thanks to YOU MR PORTUESE !!!

3. Was it an easy application?

Application to the association was easy as it was just filling a form. Application to the scholarship was a bit more difficult: I had an interview with Mrs WEBB, she wanted to know more about me and my interest in aviation.

4. How do find the flying – is it easy or does it take a lot of practice/training flights? Is landing the most difficult?

Personally, I love flying. I am more stressed when I am in accompanied driving on the motorway with my mother that when I fly alone in an aeroplane over the sea. Of course, like every mean of transport, you have to learn how to deal with it. You have to train before flying an aeroplane as it is not innate. To give you an idea, the legal minimum to be qualified for a private pilot license is 45 hours of flight, including 25 hours with an instructor and 10 hours flying alone.
Landing is like parking on a parallel parking lot; at the beginning, it seems impossible, with practice you can succeed them, but sometimes, even with experience, you can miss them and you perform a second try (for landing, we call the second try « go around ») But some old instructors told me: ” if after landing, you and your passengers are still alive, and the plane is still airworthy, then you succeeded your landing.”

5. When do you qualify as a pilot?

I hope to qualify in January 2020, as I will reach the age to qualify during this month (turning 17) for the PPL(A) (private pilot license for aeroplanes)

6. What are your plans over the next few years?

I plan to study hard for the Airline Transport Pilot Licence Theoretical Exam. If I pass it, I will candidate for the Cadets d’Air France, as the flight school is free if you have your PPL and theoretical ATPL. Otherwise, I will try to go to Cannes Aviation Academy to get my licence and get hired by an airline.

7. What advice would you give to other young students who want to fly?

When I was too young to fly, I was starving to fly. That’s why I had the chance to begin when I was 10, but now it is more complicated as the laws are much tighter and becoming stricter. I would suggest they work hard at school and have a general, overall interest in aviation. They should go to the BIA class. It is a very very good initiation. I didn’t like school, and the people at school who want to fly are in the worst part of their life. They have to be patient as flight training will hopefully come soon for them. And training is VERY VERY COOL. When they begin training, they also should become a member of Air League Monaco as you can meet a lot of people with the same passion there, and you can also get helped to pay their flight hours and the grants. 

For more information :

Susan Webb

Air League Monaco 

email: susanwebb@monaco.mc


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