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Award winning Chef at the Metropole 


by Kay Hare

When did you first start cooking?

I started very very young, I was born in a family of merchants and farmers in which every member was working and making efforts. Since I was little, I learnt the value of a team. Very young (12 years old) I was the manager of family dinners. 

When did you realize this as your career?

When I worked with my husband in my parent’s shop (in 1975), we turned it into a “delicatessen” that have reached regional success. The store was a turning point to open the restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, in July 1988 with my husband. (We are both very enterprising people) We were pushed by a strong will to bet on quality and original ideas.

Did you have a vision of being one of the most celebrated female chefs in the world or was it a organic process of working in restaurants?

The fame comes with the years, working hard with quality, honesty and originality. The fame has not changed my personality, I keep living in the house I was born in Sant Pol de Mar, a nice Mediterranean village that is for me a source of inspiration as well as affective and positive energy.

What is your favorite dish to prepare?

These are dishes made with products from the sea and land. We will be offering two signature dishes in Monte Carlo: Salmojero of tomato and strawberries with shrimps and Mondrian cod Brandade

Do you think formal training is necessary if you do want to become an International Chef?

Formal education is very important for all professions. The young people who are being trained must be able to make the most of the theoretical and technical school, but they also need to be trained about the culture of natural products of the sea, the mountain and the garden. They also have to be willing to dedicate their lives to a very complex and difficult profession but that will at the same time bring freedom of action and happiness

Is it more difficult for women to succeed in the food industry or is it a bonus being a woman?

In the food and gastronomy industry there is a fierce competition, therefore to turn an establishment or a product into a success you have to make a good work plan and follow it every day. Nobody vetoes the entry of women into the world of work, on the contrary, their vision is highly appreciated. Therefore a woman faces the same economic, business and social difficulties as men.

Where do you see your career in 5 years’ time

I hope that my career will keep being linked to cuisine and gastronomy. I hope to continue adding quality and ideas. With my husband, we are currently designing a new plan of gastronomic action.

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