2020 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium (April 24-30)
Doctor Oli is one of the worlds leading experts in essential oils as well as coming from a scientific, Doctoral background he has the first-hand experience of the health benefits of working with authentic, natural essential oils as well as running a successful practice educating and sharing his knowledge with patients all around the world. 

The 2020 Global Online Essential Oils Symposium will take place on April 24th-30th. During this week, each day there will be 6+ videos available to watch FOR FREE! The set of videos will switch every 24 hours (based off of Central US Time) at Midnight. Register today to enjoy a week of free education in health, wellness, fitness, science, personal development, and business.

35 different experts will share their knowledge and experience in 50 presentations, including Doctor Oli

Each day will feature 6+ video lectures, which you can watch FOR FREE for 24 hours.

Anyone who purchases an access pass of some kind will be able to view ALL videos starting on Day 1, April 24th.
This is valuable FREE education on how to use essential oils in the home and more
For more information about the speakers and Doctor Oli and how he became involved with the Founder of one of the Worlds leading essential oils company:

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